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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike

You’ve just ordered a bike you love from an online retailer, and things turned out well, from the pricing to the fact that you got A1 features. But there’s a catch: how do you get this bike to your place? Shipping! Exactly what you think it will be.

Short Answer:

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike? When shipping to a local destination, up to 50 miles, the cost will be 50 – 84 USD. In addition, you will have to pack the bike at your disposal. And delivery will probably take 5-7 business days, as you have selected the inexpensive shipping features. Besides, if the shipping location is far away, perhaps 300 to 600 miles, you must pay 129.60 to 250 USD for a properly packed shipment.

Are you planning to get a bike shipped to your place or send it somewhere else? Do you need the most optimal shipping service with fast delivery and good safety measurements? We have got you covered. In this blog, we have come up with a range of information regarding bike shipping costs for various locations, distances, and quality of services. Keep reading for more.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike; Average Cost & Options

When planning to get a bike shipping service, your first thought can be How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike? It is important to know as there are many companies out there. Most of them provide international shipping for mountain, electronic and standard bikes. Others ship domestically, across the country.

Who spends a fortune for shipping a bike? No one. Exactly, it’s an odd thing to do.

The cost of shipping bikes within the country is probably lower than overseas shipping, so you can leverage bike shipping. Do you know what the cheapest way of shipping a bike is? We are revealing it for you in case you are unaware.

The most cost-effective way to send a bike is to disassemble and pack it yourself if possible. You can get a packing box from a shipper such as FedEx. In addition, keep the weight of the shipping box down to the bare minimum. Don’t add extra clothing or wrapping to the bike.

Additionally, you can also choose shipping facilities from the nearest bike store. And it will cost you between 62.95 USD and 83.95 USD.

The price is subject to the location as well. The international shipping of a standard bike from the US to Canada will average more than 100 USD. Depending on the cost also changes per kilometer. When shipping destinations are in Europe, the charges are higher as 170 USD for France, Italy, and Austria.

4 All-Time Best Bike Shipping Services

4 All-Time Best Bike Shipping Services

The variety of bike shipping options makes you confused about the most reliable and trustworthy. Don’t worry; we have compiled the 4 best bike shipping ships of all time for you. Scroll down for more.

  1. FedEx:

Federal Express Corporation provides bike shipping both domestically and overseas. It is one of the fastest bike shippers services for road, cruiser, cargo, or single-gear bikes. But, FedEx only ships bikes up to 95 pounds or less, collectively making it 150 lbs, inculcating the packaging.

In addition, it also offers overnight bike shipping. And you can get your bike shipped for the next business day. FedEx ground delivery is another economical option with 1-5 business days. Likewise, it will send bikes to your residence if you choose FedEx Home Delivery.

For a 35-pound bike shipping across the country over a distance of 1,1898 miles, the shipment cost will be 421.77 USD. However, if you require your bike to be shipped from New York to Queens via FedEx Ground, it will be 201.78 USD.

  • DHL:

Another outstanding bike shipping company is DHL, named after Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn. It specializes in air freight, road freight, and rail freight. Further, shipping costs are pretty reasonable. The DHL service points provide free boxes for shipments, so you don’t need to weigh them separately.

However, it has certain size restrictions as well. So, your bike shipment box must be at most 240 x 120 x 220 cm. And about the weight, only 6600-pound boxes are allowed to be shipped, not more significant than that.

While shipping a bike weighing 29 pounds, including the box from New York to Hong Kong, shipping is 370.25 USD. Shipping time can be 1-3 business days.

Since DHL offers no services for specialized bike shipping, it would be better to pack it yourself before shipping. 

  • UPS:

Our penultimate bike shipping company is United Parcel Service. The shipping fee is calculated based on the package weight. It ships bikes in boxes of 43 x 32 x 11 inches. Also, UPS bike shipping weight must be at most 150 pounds. UPS stands out compared to other bike shippers since it is fast and secure. With widespread shipping services nationwide, it has 100,000 operational shipping units.

Jumping to the UPS bike shipping costs, they are not very much cost-intense. A 30-pound bike shipping package will be 75 USD if the drop-off destination is nearby. Otherwise, the shipping cost can be 400 USD if the distance is more. You’re shipping a bike from Philadelphia to LA; the box weighs 35 pounds. So, the shipping cost is 174.98 – 971.76 USD.

  1. Bike Flights:

Last but not least is the Bike Flights. It is a renowned bike shipping company that offers both international and domestic shipping at affordable prices. In addition, you can place your bike shipment anywhere, and BikeFlights will deliver it safely for you. With it, you get a customer-friendly guarantee against bike damage.

BikeFlights ships internationally to over 60 countries. Once you place your order, it will cover all the custom fee processes to ensure on-time delivery without the hassle.

If you ship the bike with BikeFlights, the average price is 85 USD. On the other hand, when you disassemble the bike and set up a box, the price will undoubtedly be low, which will be 65 USD.

Rember, during bike shipping across the country, BikeFlights limits the shipment size, so pack accordingly. Any package over 165 inches and 150 pounds won’t be shipped. And if you go on with the shipping process, you might get a penalty of 920 USD.

Shipping Costs a Bike Internationally – How does it work?

Shipping Costs a Bike Internationally  How does it work?

International bike shipping requires more time and expenses than across the country. If you haven’t been through this sort of shipping, it is a common question that can pop into your mind How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike internationally? And we have the answer for you.  

Yes, it’s entirely up to your distance from the shipped location. According to an estimation, the shipping will cost 100 to 500 USD for nearby countries. You must know that the maximum shipping package should be 400 cm. Again, the figures change from country to country.

Further, you’ll have to pay taxes, brokerage dues, and duties upon shipping. But if you choose a quality shipping service, they will deliver it in advance. Also, premium safety and shipping methods will likely affect the cost. Do you know How Much it cost to ship a bike to Europe? Considering the shipping cost for Europe, your bike cost is another essential element. If a standard bike costs 1000 bucks, then the shipping fee will be 446.75 USD, including duties and insurance price. It can increase up to 844.75 USD when the distance is more remarkable.

Shipment cost for E-bike: Expedite your delivery to save time and money!

Shipment cost for Ebike Expedite your delivery to save time and money

Electric bikes seem similar to acoustic ones, and the shipping cost and process are exempted. Likewise, the standard bike and e-bike shipping cost is calculated on the size, weight, distance, and quality of service you want. Moreover, these e-bikes also have one distinguishing factor of battery that impacts the highest costs. Here is the breakdown of e-bike shipping costs.

  • E-Bike Battery Shipping:

The electric bike batteries are labeled as “sensitive items” liable to cause any damage while shipping. The Lithium-ion based chemical batteries needed to be shipped with great care as they can explode mid-way. So, it is shipped individually. The e-bike batteries weighing 5 pounds will cost around 50 to 60 USD. Again, different shipping companies will charge for it differently. Some cost over 70 USD for a battery of more than 5 pounds. Such batteries are also labeled as Class 9 Hazmat.

  • E-Bike Shipping Without Battery:

Most shipping companies do not deliver Lithium-ion batteries; they only ship the bikes. USPS is an example of such a shipping company. The cost for a single e-bike shipping is 100 USD across the country. If the distance exceeds, it can be 170 USD. You might wonder, How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike overseas? When shipping a 50-pound e-bike, the international shipping cost is 800 USD.

In short, e-bike shipping requires more care and handling to ship safely. Remember, these don’t come in the ready-to-assemble form, as the wiring might be damaged. The packaging should be considered good so that the e-bike will reach the destination in good shape.

Also, it occupies more surface area than standard bikes, so you must pay accordingly. 


What is the cost of shipping for a 30-pound bike?

The cost of shipping for a 30-pound bike lies around 50 to 400 USD. The surge in the shipment fee depends on the shipping location and time. To have a quick delivery, the cost of bike shipping will be a bit higher.

Moreover, carriers offer different shipping services, like UPS would charge about 135 USD for shipping a bike over 4669.5 km. For the same distance, you’ll have to spend 160 USD. If you don’t opt for quick shipping, the cost will be reasonable, and vice versa.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike across the country?

Bike Shipping throughout the country will cost you based on the designated shipping site. If you want to ship a bike at a local station, pay 50 USD. Within this cost, you need to package the bike yourself, plus the shipping speed can be up to 4 days or more.

On the other hand, the parcel shipping of a bike adequately packed is almost 128.58 USD to 1293.88 USD. It also depends on your chosen shipping company, such as FCL under consolidated freight, which is about 436.48 – 681.29 USD.

How safe is bike shipping?

You can go with any reliable shipping company for bike shipping. FedEx, DHL, and UPS are some of the shippers. Regarding their shipping history, the damage or loss ratio while bike delivery is minimal.

They will deliver the bike safely and securely.
Usually, the shipping package is a box having ready-to-assemble bikes. Some of them also offer bike shipping insurance. In addition, bike transporting via shipping is a safe option if you choose the exemplary courier service.


That’s the warp to How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bike discourse. Before you choose any shipping service, check for the offered service and costs. Don’t go for any cheap shipping company as the services can be cheap too. Also, cost-efficient shippers won’t be a good choice either.

There are a lot of shipping franchises offering high-end shipments at affordable prices. Whether the shipping is domesticated or international, the size, weight, delivery time, and dimension will set up the shipment costs.

Further, these shipping companies provide boxes if you want to pack them yourself. Otherwise, they will pack it for you in exchange for some money. Remember that the requirements, costs, and time will vary for overseas shipping of the bike. And so do the destination countries shipping rules like paperwork, safety certification, and prohibition of e-bike batteries. Thus, pick your shipping service wisely to deliver your bike safely with peace of mind.

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