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The Average Distance Coverage By Electric Bikes| Everything You Need To Know

Electric bikes are a common form of public transport everywhere in the world. It is simple to understand when you take into account the advantages of the surroundings, financial advantages over owning a car, and varied blend of enjoyment and efficiency. The amount of distance an electric bike is able to go on just one full charge is one of the most often asked questions by people looking to spend money on one.

Short Answer

How far can an electric bike really go? The majority of mid-range electric bikes have ranges of 45 to 75 kilometers per charge. Manufacturers of electric bikes frequently understate the maximum range they promise for their products. Instead of considering the actual circumstances in which bikes are used, these estimates take “ideal conditions” into account. The bike’s size and motor power are the main determinants of range, but there are some other considerations to take into account.

There is a worst-case situation that applies to every circumstance, regardless of whether you want to employ an electric bike for daily commuting or weekend excursions. The engine suddenly burns out of power as you are in the center of a long, vertical climb, forcing you to continue pedaling on your own.

How Far Can An Electric Bike Really Go?

The distance that an electric bike can travel, also known as its total range, actually depends on different factors. These factors may include the bike’s battery capacity, the level of assist utilized, the terrain, the rider’s body weight, and the riding technique. In general, most electric bikes have a range of 20 to 80 miles per hour on just a single charge.

Higher-end electric bikes with larger batteries can have total coverage of up to 100 miles per hour or more. At the same time, lower-end electric bikes with smaller batteries may have a range of somewhere between 10 to 20 miles per hour. The level of assist used can also influence the range, with greater levels of assist utilizing more battery energy and reducing the range.

The terrain and riding technique can also influence the total range. Riding on flat terrain and maintaining a constant pace can enable you to increase the distance on your electric bike. Whereas riding on hilly, rough terrain or using sudden acceleration and brakes can reduce the bike’s range.

Factors Affecting The Range Covered By An Electric Bike:

Factors Affecting The Range Covered By An Electric Bike

There are several factors that can affect how far an electric bike can go on just one charge. These may include the following:

  1. Bike battery capacity:

The greater the bike’s battery capacity, the longer the electric bike can travel on just a single charge.

  1. Motor power:

The more significant and more potent the motor, the greater the bike energy it will occupy. Moreover, the faster the battery will drain down.

  1. Rider total body weight:

Bulkier bike riders will need more energy to maneuver the electric bike and will therefore decrease the actual distance coverage.

  1. The terrain to ride:

Hilly and rough terrain can cut down the battery more quickly than flat and smoother terrain.

  1. Wind conditions:

Riding against a headwind can enhance the resistance and eventually decrease the range of the bike.

  1. Riding speed:

Riding at more incredible speeds requires more energy and can significantly reduce the range of the bike.

  1. Riding style and technique:

Different riding modes, such as environment-friendly, standard, and sports, can highly affect the distance covered by the bike. Eco-friendly mode utilizes less power and increases the range, while sport mode uses more energy and reduces the range.

  1. Surrounding temperature:

Extremely hot or cold outdoor temperatures can affect the performance and aesthetics of the battery and can definitely reduce the range.

  1. Tire inflating pressure:

Low tire inflating pressure can cause more rolling resistance and decrease the range of the bike.

  1. Extra accessories:

Additional accessories such as lights, phone rechargers, and speakers can use extra power and will obviously decrease the range of the bike.

How to Enhance The Distance On Electric Bikes:

How to Enhance The Distance On Electric Bikes

Talking about how far can an electric bike really go, here are several ways to maximize the distance on electric bikes, including:

  1. Optimize your riding technique:

Optimizing your riding techniques is one of the most straightforward approaches to enhancing the distance on an electric bike. This indicates pedaling more and making less use of the bike’s motor. In this way, you will definitely use less battery energy and extend the range of your electric bike.

Moreover, you can also maintain a constant speed and prevent any sudden acceleration or brakes, which can play a significant role in draining the battery faster.

  1. Select the right level of assistance:

The majority of electric bikes come with varied levels of assist, which indicate how much power the motor delivers when you pedal your bike. Choosing the appropriate level of assistance can enable you to maximize the distance on the electric bike. For instance, using a smaller level of assistance can help you utilize lesser battery power and significantly increase the range of your bike.

  1. Always keep your bike tires inflated:

Keeping your bike tires adequately inflated can equally decrease the rolling resistance and make it much easier for you to pedal. This can enable you to use less battery power, and the range of your electric bike will be increased as a consequence.

  1. Decrease wind resistance:

Wind resistance can significantly influence your electric bike’s distance coverage. You can eventually ride in a much more aerodynamic posture to reduce wind resistance, such as lowering your handlebars or tucking in your elbows. You can also ride at a slower speed or prevent riding in windy and harsh weather conditions.

  1. Minimize the total weight:

The more weight you take on your electric bike, the more battery energy you will need to use to maneuver it. To increase the distance on your electric bike, try to lessen the weight you carry on it. This means only taking the essentials on the bike and leaving all unnecessary items at home.

  1. Use regenerative braking:

Regenerative braking is an opportunity that enables your electric bike to transform some of the energy generated during braking into electric energy, which can be further used to recharge the battery in time. All in all, using regenerative braking can help you extend the range of your electric bike.

  1. Maintain your bike well:

Regular bike upkeep and maintenance can help you maximize the distance on your electric bike. This includes always keeping your bike clean and properly lubricated, keeping a check on the brakes and tires regularly, and having the battery checked and maintained regularly.

So by following all these fantastic tips, you can maximize the distance on your electric bike in no time. Moreover, you can enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of battery power or any other technical issues.


How far can a 48 volts electric bike go?

Whenever you are riding a 48-volt electric bike, it is confirmed that you are likely using up to 15 watts per hour per mile.

This means that your 48-volt bike with a 14.5 amp per hour battery with a 696-watt hour total will provide approximately a total distance coverage of 46 miles when taken for daily commuting.

How far can you ride an electric bicycle?

Depending on the situation at hand, a mid-range product tends to go 55 miles per hour if there aren’t too many hills or steep terrain, it’s not too heavy, it tends to have a good battery capacity, and the weather is considerably good.

Exactly which electric bike has the most incredible range?

As was mentioned, a number of variables affect the bike’s range, such as the battery’s capacity, whether or not it is carrying big weights, the terrain, and much more.

With that said, Delfast Prime holds the world record for the longest distance traveled by bike, which is 228 miles. Most entry-level and mid-range batteries can’t compete with it in terms of range! Most electric bike ranges on total battery charging are between 45 and 65 miles.


Now you know how far can an electric bike really go in general. Well, it can approximately go about 20 to 28 miles per hour. That is undoubtedly not an alarming figure to consider. However, it is essential to consider that the range of an electric bike is an actual estimate and can vary based on several factors that are mentioned above. It is always an excellent opportunity to test a ride on an electric bike and check the manufacturer’s specifications to get a perfect idea of its approximate range. All in all, electric bikes are the best alternative for people who love daily commuting and traveling shorter distances while also enjoying their rides.

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