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Can You Pull A Trailer With An Electric Bike? How Heavy?

You may already have an electric bike or plan to buy one. But most people with electric bikes are still determining whether they can pull a trailer with it or not. Although conventional bikes are meant to be perfect for this, as they can easily pull a trailer, or you can say they are made for this purpose.

Short Answer

Are you planning to get some extra utility through your e-bike but need to figure out can an electric bike pull a trailer? The answer to your question is yes. Electric bikes are meant to tow a trailer, and it becomes even easier if you pull extra weight for long distances or ride up hills.

However, it is crucial to consider the right size electric motor as it will make your work even more accessible. And you will experience a boost from the start till the end. But yes, through an e-bike, you will get the advantage of pulling more weight through the trailer with minimum effort.

Can An Electric Bike Pull A Trailer?

You can easily pull a trailer with an e-bike, but it is also necessary to do proper research. So you can make sure about the capacity of your electric bike. It all depends on the motor of your e-bike and how much it is difficult or more accessible for the engine to pull the trailer.

Buying an electric bike that can easily pull a trailer may seem daunting. But if you have some background knowledge about the classification and features, it will be easy to find the best.

Classification Of Electric Bike:

Classification Of Electric Bike

E-bikes have three different classifications. Knowing each of them will be really helpful while buying.

  • Class one: This electric bike has a motor that only works while you pedal. Moreover, when you reach the speed of 20 MPH motor of your bike will stop working.
  • Class two: These types of bikes have similar features to class one but one additional feature: throttle power settings.
  • Class three: This class is the same as class one, but its motor can support more than 28 MPH.

Most beginners choose class one because it is affordable. But class three has a more powerful motor, which will help carry more weight on the trailer. Overall, class three e-bikes are more expensive than one and two, giving you more power.

Features To Look At In E-Bike For Pulling A Trailer:

We know the answer to Can an electric bike pull a trailer. But do you know what qualities should an electric bike have so it can bring up good results after pulling a trailer?

An electric bike with a high-power motor means you can easily carry more weight and ride uphills without extra effort. Usually, average e-bikes have an engine of 250W. But a motor having 750W will be perfect for you. You can also check for local ordinances if the motor power is insufficient. There is no need to have a proper driver’s license to ride an electric bike, but different rules and regulations change from region to region. All these rules will tell you how much wattage your e-bike can have.

There are a total of three places each has its benefits with drawbacks. Your choice can go to one of these.

  • Front motor: The weight will be evenly distributed between the engine and the drive train. So it provides proper traction to the front wheel. But it can also lead to strains on the fork.
  • Mid-bike: It will give more effortless acceleration with flexibility in your drive train choice. However, you may need extra parts replacement, which you need help finding, and a new non-standard frame.

Types Of Trailers You Can Tow Through E-Bike:

Types Of Trailers You Can Tow Through E-Bike

After selecting your e-bike, choosing a trailer is also essential. Each trailer is designed for its specific purpose so you can choose according to your need. For your consideration, here are a few important types:

  • Cargo trailers:

Cargo trailers will be perfect if you want a heavy gear trailer for longer distances. There are different types of sizes available in it. You can also choose from a one-wheeled style or two-wheel, but you can get extra stability and an accessible loading facility in the two-wheel design.

The cargo trailer is also available in a folding design. This will help if you need to carry something extra significant and use the hitch to attach it to your electric bike. The best thing about these folding cargo trailers is you can easily have more than 110 lbs of weight.

With one wheeled cargo trailer, it is hard to balance the load, but it is much easier to cross narrow paths with easier turnings.

  • Children’s trailer:

These trailers come with seat options for one or two kids. Some trailers also offer pedals, so the kids can pedal with you to make it easier. You can also add a PlayStation on the inside so the children don’t get bored.

Most children’s trailers have bugs and weather shields, which will save your kids from bugs and rain. Moreover, these trailers are a safe and fun way to take your child for a bike ride. It is also much easier to attach and detach it from the bike.

  • Pet trailers:

You can elaborate on it a lot in detail. Because these trailers come with side and solid flooring, you can feel free to put your pets inside. Apart from that, there is also an option to add padding or various features to make your furry travelers enjoy their ride.

You can easily attach this pet trailer to your bike and take your furry friends for a ride. There are also further options like safety flags and ventilation for your pets to make them feel comfortable. There is also a leash that is easy to attach inside your trailer so your pets can’t leap out.

  • Powered trailers:

As its name shows, you don’t have to drive these trailers. They will run by themselves. A built-in battery is inside, so it will not affect your electric bike’s battery.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An E-Bike To Pull A Trailer?

What Are The Benefits Of Using An E-Bike To Pull A Trailer

There are a lot of benefits of using an electric bike for pulling a trailer, but the main one is you don’t have to put much effort as you don’t have to pedal much as traditional bikes. Electric bikes are very lightweight and maneuverable, so they are ideal for towing a trailer.

Electric bikes are also easy to ride uphills and perfect for controlling speed, so you can enjoy your journey without applying extra effort to pull the trailer. You can use the trailer for many activities, like delivering goods or riding with kids or pets.

The Downside Of Using An E-Bike For Pulling A Trailer:

Electric bikes are getting more popular daily for many advantages, like recreational activities, commuting, and pulling a trailer. However, using an electric bike for pulling a trailer has several cons.

The weight of your trailer will put a lot of effort into your e-bike’s battery, reduce its lifespan, strains the motor, and put additional wear on the tires. Moreover, safety is the biggest issue. Apart from that, some electric bike motors aren’t capable of pulling heavier loads uphill and around tight corners.


How much can an electric bike pull?

An electric bike can easily pull about 220 to 300 pounds of weight. However, some specific bikes can tow more than 500 pounds. It all depends upon the type of motor your e-bike have because your e-bike is going to pull the trailer on different terrains.

How safe are e-bike trailers?

Fortunately, electric bike trailers are very safe. They are specially designed to be towed behind your e-bike, or you can fold them if they aren’t in use. Many e-bike trailers also offer various features like reflectors or brake lights for the safety of e-bike riders.

Can you lock an e-bike trailer?

You can use a chain or cable lock for the safety of your trailer. Just detach it from your bike and place it on a stationary object. Always keep the locking mechanism above ground level so no one can break it using a hammer.

Are bike trailers stable?

Yes, bike trailers are very much stable and don’t affect the handling of your bike. But make sure to adjust your seat, turn corners, and brakes to make your ride safe and stable.


Many variables are involved in the answer of can an electric bike pull a trailer. So make sure to consider your needs before making a final decision. Remember that an electric bike doesn’t mean you will not feel any effort while traveling. Yes, it will minimize the effort to make your ride comfortable. The more weight you carry, the more effort you will make to move forward.

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