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Are You Allowed To Ride An E-Bike On The Sidewalk?

Electric bikes are the most fun and smart way of traveling around. After learning the benefits of riding an e-bike, many people have chosen them as their mode of transportation. Due to the fact that the price of charging an electric bike is meager, many and many people are adopting it.

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While living in any city, have you ever questioned! can you ride an electric bike on the sidewalk? Usually, electric bikes are considered different than traditional bikes. Every state offers different rules and regulations about e-bikes and whether you can ride on sidewalks. Most states allow you to ride your e-bike on sidewalks, with some laws to follow while riding. Those laws include a speed limit under twenty MPH and other safety guidelines like wearing a helmet while riding.

However, these rules are different in some states. Riders cannot use sidewalks in California, Washington, and New York. So before riding your e-bike, be aware of all the laws of the state, country, and city in which you live.

Can You Ride An Electric Bike On The Sidewalk?

Electric bikes are considered motor vehicles in various states, but a few local authorities still allow riders on the sidewalks with their e-bikes. As the federal government has announced, e-bikes are also included in regular bicycles. But it will be more comfortable if you follow standard laws while using sidewalks with your electric bikes.

Here are a few essential factors that will let you know whether you can use sidewalks while riding e-bikes.

  • Adjacent road speed limit:

A few local authorities allow the riders to use sidewalks only if their speed is around 20 MPH. If their speed drops from 20 MPH, they are instructed to ways return to the carriageway.

  • Travel direction:

In some states, riders are only allowed to go in the same direction as the traffic. It is illegal to travel in the opposite direction.

  • Warning rules and giving way:

All the e-bike riders and pedestrians are allowed to use the same lane, but e-bike riders are instructed to always give pedestrians their way to walk to avoid any sort of accident. Apart from that, according to the rules, e-bike riders should use a horn bell to warn the pedestrian before reaching them. To avoid tickets and any future hassle, always read the laws of your city before riding your e-bike.

  • Designated shared pathways:

A few localities also offer shared pathways as sidewalks. So here, riders can legally ride their e-bikes on sidewalks.

  • The wheel size of your e-bike:

In some states, rules to use sidewalks is set according to the wheel size of electric bike. E-bikes having wheels of 12-16 inches can legally use sidewalks. But electric bikes having larger wheels are not allowed to use sidewalks.

  • Riders age:

In most states and countries, children are allowed to use sidewalks because it is considered safer for children than riding near traffic.

  • Designated bike lanes:

In some cities, there are specially designed regular and electric bike lanes. So for pedestrian safety, all the e-bike riders are not allowed to use sidewalks but can use bike lanes.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Riding An E-Bike On Sidewalks:

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Riding An E-Bike On Sidewalks

When you finally know the answer to Can you ride an electric bike on sidewalks? But it can be very intimidating if you are riding an e-bike on the sidewalk in the presence of many pedestrians. Because pedestrians are habitual of walking casually. They can always swerve while walking, and remember that casual walking increases accident risks.

Remembering the following tips while riding an e-bike on sidewalks is best. These tips will help you avoid the risk of accidents and fines.

  1. Using a horn bell: If you see any pedestrian in front of you, always use a horn bell to alert them before reaching too close to them. This will let you prevent any collision risk.
  2. Decrease the speed level: There is a speed control system in most electric bikes. So it is recommended to ride at a lower speed while using sidewalks. Because when you are at low speed, you can easily control your e-bike.
  3. Give way and warning rules: Always give way to pedestrians while riding an e-bike and using sidewalks. To alert the pedestrians, you can use a horn bell to warn them.
  4. Go with the traffic flow: It is a safety concern rule which is followed in any state where you should go in the same direction of traffic because cycling in opposite directions increases the risk of accidents.

When Can You Ride An E-Bike On Sidewalks?

You can use sidewalks in areas where there is no strict about riding e-bikes on sidewalks. Apart from that, a few essential e-bike laws are recommended to be followed while using sidewalks for bike riding. Keep in mind that in the downtown area, it is restricted use of e-bikes on the sidewalks. A few important things to remember while riding an e-bike on sidewalks are:

  • Riding an e-bike on sidewalks is only allowed when the main street is free from any heavy traffic.
  • You can only use sidewalks when the bike lane needs to be more comprehensive and maintain a proper distance from heavy vehicles.
  • Any performance issue in your bike can lead to a severe problem if you ride it on the main road. You can use sidewalks for this reason.
  • If you have safety issues and want to stick with your bike, you can use sidewalks, but in case it is illegal, you can walk your bike to save yourself from any legal complications.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Sidewalks While Riding An E-Bike?

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Sidewalks While Riding An E-Bike

Even if you think that riding on sidewalks is safer than going between fast cars, this doesn’t mean you are right. This will explain why you should refrain from using sidewalks while riding an e-bike.

  • In business districts of large cities, the ratio of people walking around is a lot more than using bikes or cars on the road. Based on the larger number of pedestrians, this can increase the chance of injury and accidents.
  • On the sidewalks, many pedestrians are walking casually, and this can lead to an accident anytime.
  • If you are a fast rider and don’t like slowing down, then it is not safe to use sidewalks. Because on these sidewalks, there are older people and even children walking or riding bicycles.
  • If there are a lot of driveways or crosswalks in your route, it is not safe for you to use sidewalks because many car drivers aren’t expecting a sudden appearance of a fast e-bike when they are backing out.
  • If riding an e-bike on the sidewalk is illegal, then it is straightforward. You can’t use it. In some cities, signs and posters show bike riders where they can and can’t ride their bikes. So if you see the sign around the sidewalk saying e-bike riders aren’t allowed, never use it.


Can you use an electric bike on the road?

You can use an e-bike to ride anywhere you want. But it is also recommended to check the rules before any final step.

How to stay safe while riding an e-bike on sidewalks?

You can follow different safety precautions to have minimum chances of any accident. The main thing is to keep your eye open. Apart from that, ways where helmet while riding an e-bike as it will save you from any head injury.

Moreover, always check the law of the state you are living in about e-bikes and make sure not to go against any law.

Is there any age restriction for riding e-bikes on sidewalks?

The age limit for using sidewalks while riding on an e-bike differs in all states according to their laws. Even in some states, you should be over 18 with a driver’s license to use sidewalks.

Apart from that, in a few other states, a rider should be 16 at least to use sidewalks while riding an electric bike.

When not to use sidewalks while riding an e-bike?

Although using sideways is safer than the street for an e-bike rider, there are still some reasons that make you stop using sidewalks. In a busy district or large city, sidewalks are always full of heavy walking traffic. This can increase the chance of injury.


Electric bikes are no doubt the most comfortable and safe mode of transportation. But in some areas, e-bikes are considered motor vehicles, so every state has its own rules and regulations about riding them.

So the answer to your question, can you ride an electric bike on the sidewalk, is yes. Using a sidewalk is not always restricted, but a few rules are instructed to follow. So if you want to avoid any future hassle, always remember to follow the laws of your state.

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