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Does The Size Of The Electric Bike Matter? Which Size Is Perfect?

The trickiest question or most challenging thing you face while choosing your electric bike is deciding a perfect size for yourself. But as a rider, you should remember that there are many essential factors you should remember before getting an e-bike. The main factor that directly affects your riding experience is your height.

Short Answer

But have you ever asked yourself what size electric bike I need? When you hunt for the ideal cycle size for you, the factors considered are saddle height, handlebar size, and frame size. Moreover, your comfort and desired riding experience is also regarded as vital feature.

Before deciding to buy an e-bike, having a proper amount of knowledge about the size is essential. The main reason why size is necessary to consider is that if you choose the wrong size, it will make you uncomfortable and be tough to adapt to that size.

What Size Electric Bike Do I Need?

The most overlooked feature while choosing an electric bike is, no doubt, the correct size. Every Rider should understand that looking for size is as essential as considering other features like motor, battery, charging, and power.

If you have questions regarding what size electric bike I need or the proper sizing process. So here are a few factors you must consider while choosing the right size e-bike.

  • Size of the frame:

When choosing the right e-bike size, frame size is one of the first, and most important, among many other things. Because usually, in all e-bikes, the frame size is fixed, so there is no chance of customizing it.

There are a lot of advantages to raising an e-bike with the right size frame. Mostly on computer bikes, if the frame size doesn’t match, it will cause severe back pain. There are undoubtedly many more things like saddles and stems, but the most crucial thing is frame size.

  • Size and height of handlebars:

All e-bikes have three main connection points, and handlebars are from one of them. And most important thing about the handlebars is they are responsible for controlling handling and steering.

Always try to choose the ideal size and height of the handlebars so they can make your ride comfortable. And if you don’t get the right size, you will experience pain in several parts of your body, including the neck, lower back, and shoulder. Furthermore, it can also lead to severe injuries like handlebar palsy.

The right size handlebar may not be that important to consider. But it is suggested to get the right size.

  • Saddle height:

The third essential aspect to cons while buying the e-bike is saddle height. It is as important as the frame and handlebars’ height and size. Purchasing a saddle height that is too high or too low will worsen your riding experience.

The best way to check the correct saddle height is by checking your foot’s position when you pedal. Your knees will be slightly bent if your saddle height is correct at the bottom. Choosing the right size saddle height will help you pedal easily in downstroke with minimum effort.

Fortunately, you can easily adjust the saddle height. You must change the binder bolt if your seat is too high or too low.

Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Measurements:

Taking measurements is as simple as extending the tape, and you get an accurate reading. But keep in mind that there are a lot of little mistakes you make while making measurements that make your readings go completely wrong. Here are the things you should keep in mind to measure yourself as an expert:

  1. To ensure accuracy, measure yourself almost two or even three times.
  2. If your measurement gets between maximum or minimum seat height, go with the smaller number because a smaller e-bike is no doubt easy to control.
  3. Always remember that you can easily adjust the seat angle, height, and handlebars angle to make yourself comfortable while riding.

How Do I Know The Size I Choose Needs To Be Corrected?

Sometimes, people go for those bikes recommended by experts and shop owners. Indeed they are experts, and they know all about e-bikes. But your measurement is sometimes criticized because those experts are only in the mood to sell their e-bike stock.

This thing gets very unfortunate for those who trust e-bike experts. Here are four ways to help you detect whether the e-bike you choose is of the correct size.

In case of getting the wrong e-bike size, it will badly harm your body. There is the ultimate indicator to let you know correctly.

  • Too high saddle:

The comfort and maneuverability of your bike is the key feature to tell whether the e-bike is good for you. When your saddle is too high, it directly affects your comfort. This indicates that the size of the e-bike you have needs to be corrected.

  • Constant back pain:

Riding a bike is an enjoyable experience, so this should be your priority. But after a long ride, if you constantly complain of back pain, it is simply that the e-bike you choose isn’t the correct size. The issue can be in frame size, saddle size, or even wheel size.

  • Too low saddle:

Too low a saddle means you can’t reach it even if you try too hard and end up struggling the whole ride. In this case, your muscles will feel too much stress, which will give you severe muscle pain.

  • Inconsistency in your bike stem:

The most important part of your bike is the stem. That is why you must pay close attention to the stem while choosing the e-bike for you. So in case you notice a few changes after, sometimes this means the item is not original. The constant change in the stem will let face mechanical fixing each time.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Choosing The Incorrect E-Bike Size?

As we all know, choosing the wrong size of an electric bike can lead to severe injuries, and both long and short-term injuries are included. Here are some of the significant issues you face when choosing the wrong electric bike size.

  • Fatigue
  • Regular back pain
  • Constant wrist pain

When choosing the right e-bike for yourself, it is necessary to be more meticulous to avoid these unwanted issues. For some riders, having the right-size electric bike is optional, but why not make long rides more comfortable?

Choosing an electric bike size also includes going through different riding styles. It will help you to have proper comfort with minimum injury chances.

Can We Buy The Right Size Electric Bike Online?

These days buying electric bikes online is getting more popular day by day. But most riders still think that trying your e-bike before making any final decision is necessary. And it is only possible to test the ride before buying if you are shopping from a physical store. But what if you can’t go to the store to buy an e-bike and you are ordering it online?

No worries, you can now buy an e-bike easily online in this advanced time. You can easily follow the correct measurement ways and help accommodate staff who are always there to answer your question. This lets you get the perfect electric bike size online and delivered to your doorstep.


How are electric bikes measured?

One of the traditional and old ways of measuring e-bike size is from the bottom of the frame toward the top of the seat tube.

Why does it matter to have the right e-bike size?

If you want perfect comfort and speed, having the right e-bike size is essential. You will feel uncomfortable and pain if you have the wrong electric bike size, especially in long rides.

How to take body measurements before buying an e-bike?

First, stand on the ground with your feet flat, and measure the desired area. It is also recommended to take help from a second person to get accurate measurements.

Are frame sizes different for women-specific bikes?

Yes, there is a difference between women’s and men’s electric bikes. A medium women’s bike will always be smaller than a men’s e-bike. However, the measurements are the same for both men’s and women’s bikes.


Picking up the right size electric bike comes with a few essential factors to consider before making any final decision. Choosing the right size frame, saddle height, and height and size of the handlebars are critical factors that can make your long or short riding adventure comfortable. In this way, you know what size electric bike I need.

In this case, trials and errors will be at your side in all your experience. So make sure to try first before getting an e-bike for yourself.

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