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How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack? Do You Need a Bike Rack?

What do you think of a bike rack? Is it necessary to have a bike rack to transport a bike? That’s not true. It’s easy to solve this problem. Look at how to transport a bike without a rack and choose yourself. 

Short Answer

How to transport a bike without a rack? It isn’t hard; it is the easy way out to carry your bike through whatever vehicle you have. You can transport via car, truck, plane, etc., without spending extra money.

The following article will provide you with all the possible and logical methods to carry the bike through cars and what could be possible tips to follow.

How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack | Methods

Having a bike rack is the most convenient way of transporting it, but what if your rack breaks just before the trip, or you might not have enough time or money to choose the perfect rack? Learn how to transport a bike without a rack and choose the right one.

  1. Carrying the inside, the car
  2. Transporting the bike on the rooftop of a car
  3. Bike in the trunk of the car
  4. Using the truck bed

All of the above methods will discuss in detail and give a perspective to the readers that there are always other possibilities to get the job done.

Method 1: Transportation of A Bike Within the Car

Transportation of A Bike Within the Car

A car is a good option when you are going for long trips, but you cannot just put all the equipment inside the vehicle; you have to be very careful while carrying the bike inside the car. Safety of both the equipment is necessary. If your vehicle is a good enough space at the back of your seat, then it is an excellent option to follow the steps;

Step 1: Keep Your Bike Clean

  • Keep your bike clean before any other process so that the dirt cannot enter the car.
  • Use wipes or brushes to remove dirt from the bike’s surface
  • No manure shouldn’t be left that can come out during the road trip.
  • Deep cleaning means removing particles from the handlebars, tires, frames, etc.

Step 2: Dislocate The Wheels from The Bike

  • Note the space at the back seat of the car, and if your bike is more significant than the space, remove the bike’s front wheels and set it accordingly.
  • There are specially designed wheel bags for wheel settlement.
  • Make sure to side down the left cog as far as the back wheels are concerned.
  • So that there will be no gear mix-up.

Step 3:  Fold The Rear Seat

  • Now fold the rear seat and disassemble the bike as much as possible. It will help properly settle the bike in the back seat of your car.

Step 4. Safe The Chain of the Bike

  • To keep the chain of the bike safe from getting damaged by oil and grease, the bike chain should be placed on the most petite ring.
  • Keeping the bike chain safe means keeping the grease out of the car.
  • A piece of the pedal is also helpful in preventing dirt inside the car.

Step 5. Putting Bike Inside the Car

  • After disassembling the bike into different pieces, now the bike is in the appropriate size to place the bike inside the car.
  • This step isn’t as easy as it sounds; you must be wise enough to place it so it doesn’t destroy any part of the bike.
  • The drive side of the bike should be in the upper position. So that the gears can be upright position, facing, due to the equal distribution of weight.
  • The gears shouldn’t bare the whole weight of the bike.
  • The bike gear will damage if you don’t consider this part more seriously.
  • As far as the pedals are concerned, the bike’s position should be lower than 12 o’clock while traveling.

Step 6. Securely Tie Your Bicycle

Don’t put the bike inside just like that; tie it down because it will move a lot. A bungee cord will prevent damage if you use them to tie the bike. Even your car will remain secure.

Method 2: Transportation of Bike Through the Top of a Car

Transportation of Bike Through the Top of a Car

If the bike’s size is big, it may be difficult for you to put it inside. So the other way of transporting the bike is on the rooftop of a car. Following are the steps to adjust the bike on the rooftop:

Step 1. Take Out the Front Wheel

Take out a few components of the bike, mainly the front wheel of it. In case of transporting the bike on the rooftop, you need to take care of the handlebars; they should face upward. A clean blanket should be placed in the area where you are going to set the bike. A blanket will prevent the bike from getting damaged during the road trip.

Step 2. Get A Rope

  • It is a very critical point to tie your bike because if, in any case, you forget it, you are going to get your motorcycle damaged.
  • Find out the crossbars or any railing on the rooftop of the vehicle. Because it depends on how you lay the bike on top. 
  • If there is no rack available for the attachment of a bike to the car, place the bike in the middle area of the roof so that there will be no blockage of the rear windshield.
  • Now use the straps to tie the bike to the roof. Make sure to do it properly.
  • In the case of a ratchet strap, follow the proper instruction. Place the webbing into the slot at the central areas of the spool. Tie it around the bike tightly.
  • Instead of windows, strap your vehicle around the door as well. It will provide a good sense of protection and safety.

Method 3: Transporting The Bike in A Car Trunk

  • Disengage the bike components.
  • Pack them in a box
  • The size of the box should be good enough to fit in
  • It is one of the safest ways of transporting the bike

Method 4: Transporting by Using Truck Bed

If you have a vehicle with a truck bed, you are lucky enough; truck beds are so spacious that They can easily carry the bike.

Step 5: Use Bungee Cord

  • It is the best way to tie the bike. Its stability and durability keep the bike safe from bumpy roads.

Step 6: Use of Soft Strap

  • You can use soft straps if you don’t have a bungee cord.

Step 7: Bike Seat

  • Use another strap to secure the bike seat’s end so it won’t fall off the truck bed.

Tips to Remember While Transporting a Bike Inside Your Car

Here are some useful tips to transport a bike inside your car. have a look;

  • Positioning of The Bike

Rest your bike against the car’s body. Don’t block the door. Position your bike so it won’t stop any view or the path of any car component. And keep the bike in a safe place before putting it inside.

  • Safety of The Bike

It would be best if you had cover sheets with you to transport your bike. Cover the car trunks and seats because the bike chains can damage the car with grease. Also, cover the top of the bike because it will damage the small equipment of the bike.

  • Take Extra Precaution On Hot Days

Due to the high temperature, even inside the car, don’t leave the bike inside the vehicle on a hot day. The tire will get more pressure. Hot air expands, and it can blow the tires. That is happening with the road bike.

  • Unattended Bike

Never leave the bike unattended; thieves also get attracted to the cars if the bike is visible. It will be a good chance for the people to steal.

Benefits of Transportation a Bike Without Rack

Benefits of Transportation a Bike Without Rack

Following are the few benefit of transportation without a bike rack:

  • Cost-Friendly

Usually, bike racks are expensive, especially when they are not yours. You can save money and fulfill your trip comparatively on a low budget.

  • Variety of Methods

You can follow any method or way you want to for your bike transportation based on your bike and your convenience. Sometimes unexpected trips happen where you need to take advantage of the resource you have at the moment.

  • Extra Space

Bike racks occupy more space and are bulky, Especially when you don’t have extra space. If you live in a small apartment, keeping the bike racks in good condition is hard for you.

  • Versatility in Using Any Vehicle

You can use any car of any model; it depends on your bike size. There is no specific type of vehicle not suitable for bike transportation. All you have to take care of is the safety and security of the bike.    


Can We Transport Bike Through Plane?

Yes, you can transport the bike through the plan. There are several places where people need to take their bikes with them. And if they are moving from one country to another, it is impossible to travel by car. So transportation by bike is possible and also easy and most convenient way from one country to another.

Is It Affordable to Transport the Bike Without a Rack?

Yes, it is a more adorable and time-saving activity. Though you should have a bike rack for transportation, cars and planes are good options if someone doesn’t have one and is looking for another convenient way. The plane option can be expensive, but plane traveling is necessary for long-distance areas.

Are Bikes Racks Important?

Yes, they are essential, and you should buy them because they are purposely designed for bike transportation. So it will come with all the protective care of the bike. So yeah, if you have the money, you should choose the perfect bike rack for transportation. But if you don’t have it, there is no need to worry because there are alternatives.


It is so evident that the perfect option for the transportation of the bike racks. But not everyone can afford it, and some people cannot. And sometimes, the conditions suddenly occur, and you can’t simply go and find the perfect bike for your wheelie.

So all you have to do is to learn how to transport a bike without a rack? And follow the most convenient method according to you. Because for your easy, all the ways are there with the proper safety measures. So if you cannot buy the bike rack, read the article to get more knowledge and follow it to make your transportation easy.

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Yousaf Khan is an experienced biker with over 10 years of riding experience. He has a passion for motorcycles and has traveled extensively on his bike, covering thousands of miles across various terrains. Yousaf is well-versed in different types of biking, including adventure riding, touring, and off-roading. He is an active member of several local and national motorcycle clubs, promoting safety and responsible riding. Yousaf's dedication to the biker community extends beyond his own riding, as he regularly shares his insights and experiences with fellow bikers around the world. When he's not on the road, Yousaf enjoys spending time with his family and sharing his knowledge through this blog.


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