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REI Bike Return Policy—A Complete Guideline

Can you please return your REI bike? All you need to do is check the REI bike return policy and get to know if you are eligible to return the bike.

Short Answer

The REI bike return policy is to accept the bikes within one year of purchase, and if you have used bicycles, you have to return them within 30 days of purchase. One more thing is that you can ride the bike before returning it with the original receipt.

The following article will provide the basic information on the REI bike returning policy and all the other factors and eligibility criteria to help you return the REI bike.

REI Bike Return Policy:

As mentioned above, the REI bike return policy is within a year of purchase, and the used bikes, and cycle products like tires, seats, etc., can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The bike trainers need to be returned within 90 days of purchase.

They have no extension for the holiday or REI Co-op members, whereas all the Garage Sales purchases are in final/sale, which means you cannot return them.

If you want to return the products you have purchased from the REI, there are specific requirements you need to fulfill to return the policy. Please have a look at them.

Requirements of the REI Company:

Requirements of the REI Company
  1. The first requirement you must fulfill is to keep the original receipt of the product when you return the product. In any case, if you are a member of REI Company or purchased the bike online, the store of REI will check the last purchase you made.
  2. Secondly, you need to bring all the tags, original boxes, or anything you got from the store with the product you purchased.
  3. The REI can accept defective and used products and resell products like a bike that shows signs of wear. If the bike has normal tears or any wear, you can’t return it.
  4. The REI satisfaction guarantee doesn’t take the damaged bike due to an accident or poor use.

Let’s find out the return process and what they have for you in the return process.

Brief Description of REI Bike Return Policy:

There are multiple guidelines to follow when you are about to return the REI bike.

To return the bike you bought from an online store or a shop, you must return it to the REI store location; you can’t simply mail it. It must contain all the items, the bike, and proof of purchase. You can come to the store at any time within the store hours. You don’t have to pay the return fee.

Payment Method:

Usually, you will get a refund of the original fee you paid for the bike. But if the purchase was online via PayPal, in that case, you will get the refund fee through cash or check. But keep in mind, if you are bluffing or keep on returning the products you purchase from the REI after a few days of use. You won’t be able to make the return because the company will not accept the product due to your previous reputation for returning the product.

The Responsibility of a Consumer:

As a consumer, you need to know the returnable products at REI. There are specific REI return policies mentioned above. Other than that, you cannot return particular items, and refund and exchange are possible except for camping, backpacking gear, clothes, etc.

In some cases, if you are satisfied with your purchase or if the items don’t fit, you have to call customer service for further guidance on the return policy. At times the REI offers store credit instead of a refund. So the situation varies with each individual. And there are few general guidelines for all. That is why it is the responsibility of a consumer to read the policy before making the return decision.

Proud REI Company:

REI considers it a great privilege to offer their customers products at very reasonable prices, and they appreciate it when people reach out to them. They welcome people with queries and returning items and help them to the point of their satisfaction.

Return Policy by Mailing:

Bikes are oversized and must be assembled adequately, so it isn’t impossible to mail them via REI’s online return policy. If you cannot go to the store, sending the bike directly to a shipping carrier is better. However, the return to the store location is completely free.

Rules To Follow When Returning REI Bike:

When you return the bike, the store will have specific rules; they will further guide you to it. You have to follow the return policy of the store as well. Don’t worry; if you cooperate, they will ensure you get a fair exchange. If you exchange the bike, you must get the serial number, proof of purchase, and an affidavit of release.

If you find something damaged while returning the bike, take a picture and write every minute detail of the product, like the model, year, etc., so they can efficiently resolve them. All of the pieces aren’t for them but for the customer.

Time to Return REI Bike:

There is no perfect or best time for the bike’s return. As mentioned above, to return the bike, it is better to return the bike within the store hour. Moreover, there are certain situations where you have to look for other factors as well. If your returning bike got damaged somehow, it’s important to return it as soon as possible, or else the refund or return policy of the REI bike may change. 

If you don’t use the bike more frequently and want to return it, the policy will hold onto it for six months. But in any other case, feel free to contact the company.

The REI Bike Repairing Process:

The REI Bike Repairing Process

You need to follow a few steps to repair or replace the REI bike. First, show your bike to the authorized REI dealer; he will check it and scrutinize it. It would be best if you repaired the bike before returning it. Once all the necessary steps are properly taken, it will undergo a safety inspection by REI personnel.

The Unreturnable Items of REI:

Yes, certain items are not to be returned policy for safety purposes and health concerns or come under the category of sale items. Following are the things that are examples of non-returnable:

  • Electronics (outdoor):

GPS devices, action cameras, and other electronic devices are the major equipment of outdoor electronics that are non-returnable once you have opened or used them.

  • Safety Equipment:

The helmets, harnesses, and climbing gear are considered safety equipment. Due to the safety procedure, they are non-returnable and maintain product integrity.


For hygienic reasons, items like underwear and swimming suits come under the category of non-returnable. Unless the customers didn’t use it or even if they were in unopened packaging. The REI Company will only then return it.

  • Food Items and Water Filters:

Perishable items like food and water filters are non-returnable because of the health concerns of the REI Company.

  • Gift Cards:

The gift cards by REI are non-refundable.

  • Sale Items:

Usually, in all other stores, along with the REI store, the sale items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Members and Non-Members of the REI:

Following are the policies for members and non-members:

  • Members of the REI:

Usually, the members have more time to return the product. They have one year if they have any problem or don’t have satisfactory views of the product they can return it.

  • Non-Members of REI:

Whereas the non-member has to follow the standard policy the REI has for everyone.

Benefits of being a Member of the REI:

Following are the few benefits of being a member of the REI Company:

  • Members Dividend:

It is one of the most amazing offers to the members of the REI; the members of the REI earn dividends on eligible purchases over the year at the rate of 10% of the full value and 2% on the product’s full price. Such compensation comes under the category of REI gifts.

  • Access to Sales:

Members of the REI have more access to sales and discounts. And usually get good offers throughout the year. Sometimes the sales are so huge that they can go up to a few percent on saving gear and equipment.

  • The Garage Sale:

The REI hosted a garage sale, in which members had the opportunity to avail of deep discounts on gear. The gears were slightly bent. There is primarily outdoor equipment.

  • The Classes and Adventure:

The REI has adventure programs for the members of the REI. And the members have special discounts for that trip to join. With a discount rate, the members can avail of the adventure and workshop by the REI Company.

  • Coupons and Offers:

They get exclusive coupons and special offers and save on several purchases.

  • Shipping Free of Cost:

That is why it is ideal for the members; they get free shipping. What else could be better than that? On eligible orders or purchases with online money. They get free shipping.


Can We Return The REI Bike Without Warranty?

A bike that is out of warranty doesn’t live up to the idea of a return policy. But there are a few exceptions, like if the bike is damaged in case of an accident or is defective, only then can you return it without a warranty. Otherwise, there is no separate policy for the bikes without a warranty.

Are There Any Other Company Companies Who Offer a Return Policy?

Though the REI Company is a well-known company for retailers that gives an excellent return policy with a 100% guarantee, other than that, several companies offer similar policies.  

Will REI Company Accept The Bike Without The Original Receipt?

If a customer has lost the original receipt, they have to buy the Membership Card, or they can call customer care. With that, you can return the bike or any other product of REI.


You will only be able to get the REI bike return policy from some of the companies the way they are welcoming the return policy and making it easier for their customers. There are certain situations in life when you face accidents etc., where you need to return the REI bike. Without hesitation, you can reach out to REI Company, and they will get you started.

They bring peace of mind and don’t hesitate if you face any accidents or want to return the product. If you are a member of a REI company, then you return within a year, and for non-members, the return policy is for within 30 days.

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