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Single Gear Mountain Bike: Could you get to know it?

Off-road trails are challenging to ride. They come up with many challenges, and only some bikes serve the purpose of riding off-road, so people have mountain bikes. single gear mountain bikes are one of them.

Single gear mountain bikes come with many challenges, which are challenging to deal with. As the name shows, it’s a bike with a single gear, so obviously, when a mountain bikes come up with lesser components, it becomes more challenging for a rider because more deficient elements in the system allow the biker to ride it manually.

Now sit back and relax; this article will provide everything you need to know about single-gear mountain bikes.

What is a Single Gear Mountain Bike?

A Single-gear mountain bike consists of only one gear ratio, also known as a single-speed mountain bike. It has no other gear like derailleur or hub gears to change gears.

It looks like a single-gear mountain bike is easier to keep; it is lighter in weight and less expensive as compared to multiple-gear mountain bikes. Less complicated components require less maintenance, so riding a single-gear mountain bike in any city and in every weather condition is more manageable.

Types of Single Gear Mountain Bikes:

Types of Single Gear Mountain Bikes

When you look into the types of single-gear mountain bikes, you will find a wide variety of them; this article will discuss a few types of single-gear mountain bikes.

Urban (every day) Single Gear Mountain Bike:

Most of the latest versions of single-gear mountain bikes fall into this category of mountain bikes. They are primarily similar to touring mountain bikes, which means they have narrow frame tubing, but it is flexible. It is harder and stronger than race bikes but less weight than other mountain bikes.

Uses of Urban Single Gear Mountain Bike:

  • They are used for shorter distances and flatter areas.
  • It is also a good bike for a fit rider or someone who seeks fitness.
  •  Its cost is as low as $100.

Do it All Single Gear Mountain Bike:

It is more complex than the city single-gear mountain bike; it is a rounder with oversized tires, and its structure is sturdier than the city bike.

Uses of Do It All Single Gear Mountain Bike:

  • Are you all good to go on rough city areas, dirt roads, and gravel?
  • They are also used for delivery purposes
  • It is more like a practical bike than a racing bike
  • It also says that they are workhorses.

Single-Speed Mountain Bike:

Its build is more substantial and rigid, and they are made for off-road trips.

Uses of Single-Speed Mountain Bike:

  • It is made for rough and challenging areas, unlike city bikes.
  • It is heavier than single speed bike
  •  Its cost starts at $350 and goes up to $2800.

Fixed Gear Mountain Bikes (Fixies):

Any frame is used in fixed gear mountain by single gear bike. Track bikes are likely to use in fixed-gear bikes. Track frames don’t have a mount point to attach with brakes.


  • It is also ridden on shorter distances or in flatter areas.
  • Fit riders usually go with fixed-gear mountain bikes.
  • Its price is much lower than others.

Cyclocross Bikes:

Its build is solid but lighter in weight. Rim and mechanical brakes are used in it.

Uses of Cyclocross Bikes:

  • It is also applicable on roads but is commonly used on off-road tracks.
  •  It starts at $950 and goes up to $1200.

Benefits of Single Gear Mountain Bike:

Benefits of Single Gear Mountain Bike

After discussing the types, there are many more benefits of single gear mountain bikes; not every advantage is going to discuss, but the most important ones are going to discuss here, which will give you an idea of whether you should go for single-gear mountain bikes. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Less Expensive:

They are significantly cheaper and easily affordable, which is why they are readily available. Even the new bikes are easy to purchase because they have simpler manufacturing and inexpensive parts. Furthermore, it has excellent frames and good suspension forks, which is cheaper than a geared bike.

Less Maintenance:

Now it is evident that a mountain bike with lesser parts is easy to keep and maintain, resulting in less money on its maintenance as well. Even if you go for hard and tough tracks, all you need to do is to fill up the air in its tires and lube the chain. That’s it!

Even If you need to replace its parts like the rear wheel gear, replacing wheel components is much cheaper than the damaged cassette in multiple-gear mountain bikes.

It means you can take care of your mountain bike. You must take care of its wheel, brakes, and regular checkups and ensure the chain is adequately positioned.

Excellent for Strength and Fitness:

Most people don’t go for physical fitness and health, but if they go cycling, they do everything they need to do to maintain their physical fitness.

A most interesting fact is a single-gear mountain bike needs a lot of hard work because to ride it and keep it going, you need to stand and hit the bike on high torque; for pulling up the bar, you need to put a hell of a lot of effort and push your body. The ride on a single-gear mountain bike is a hell of an exercise and requires effort, but the results are tremendous.

The Efficiency of Single Gear Mountain Bike:

A single-gear mountain bike ride is smooth and more efficient, and you are giving your total effort.

They help avoid burnout. Riding different trails on single-gear mountains will teach you many things that I bet you have yet to learn with other geared bikes, no matter how many million times you ride on those similar tracks.

Less Weight:

Most of the components of single-gear mountain bikes need to be installed in them, so their weight is becoming lighter. Derailleur, cassette, shifters, etc., are the missing parts.

Usually, the weight of a regular bike is around 20 lb., whereas the importance of a single-speed mountain bike is 14 lb. which also depends upon the frame size and its material.

The Versatility of Single Gear Mountain Bike:

To gain a more muscular leg, a transmission system of a single-gear mountain bike is ideal for your leg. You can ride long distances or ride in downhill or uphill areas.

They are mobile; you can ride faster on single-gear bikes. It’s suitable for spinning purposes.

Interestingly, if you continue to move forward with the required amount of speed, your bike can move by itself even if you stop pedaling.

Another example of the versatility of single-gear mountain bikes is the freewheel system which makes you coast.

Straight Forward Ride:

Its mechanism is simple, so it gives straight forward ride. There is no brake system because there is no gear to adjust. If you want to stop, use the pedals. And if you’re going to increase your speed, you need to propel pedals. 

Motivating Others to Ride on Single Gear Mountain Bikes:

If you are good at riding single-gear mountain bikes, which means you are fit enough to give multiple shots, who wants to avoid racing on high-climbing mountains?

To get on top, you need to master the skills and present mentally with good physical health. When your strong let hits the pedal of your single-gear mountain bike, then no one can stop you from being on top. Such tremendous health fitness inspires most of your friends, and you can get on top without using extra gear. Such skill is hard to find on other mountain bike users.

This topic has been covered in detail. Are you still with me? A rider who wants to experience adventure would try a single-gear mountain bike. And why not? Don’t you want to get fit and healthy, spend less money, and, most importantly, get all the above benefits from a single gear mountain bike?


What is the need for riding a single gear mountain bike?

The needs and wants of people are usually different, and here need for single-gear mountain bikes is more accurate because of all the benefits of its ride!

How Does it Perform on Off-Road Tracks?

For the best off-road performance, a single-gear mountain bike isn’t a first choice. Because it requires multiple gears, as various gears have many advantages, so going for an off-road ride may not give the best performance, but it will give you the best of your health and make you a better and more challenging rider.

Is it Worth Buying Single Gear Mountain Bike?

Yes, definitely, because it is less expensive, and if you want to become a good rider, you can’t become a good and healthy rider without riding on single-gear multiple bikes.
A single-gear mountain bike is worth buying; you won’t lose anything, you will gain only, and that would be helpful to make you the top rider in your country.


So there are multiple types of mountain bikes, and each one of them has different benefits. In this article, various times, the word fitness is there. Because along with so many other benefits of a single-gear mountain bike, the most important, is fitness.

Isn’t it a great deal? To have physical strength by giving your total effort while riding a single-gear mountain bike is also mentally challenging, which makes a rider stronger, and all of this and much more you can get within less expense. So get fit and ride a single-gear mountain bike!

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