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How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go| Everything You Need

It is racing on the dirt with cool-looking dirt bikes and wondering about the maximum speed it can achieve. The speed freaks are always curious to know the top speed; a dirt bike can fulfill. It comes on the top lists regarding dirt bikes, and a 100cc dirt bike is best for young riders.

Short Answer

How fast does a 100cc dirt bike go? On average, the 100cc dirt bike can reach up to 45-65 miles per hour, and the engine is the main factor, along with several others. The two-stroke engine of a 100cc dirt bike generated more power and speed due to the light weight of the bike.

 This article provides a better understanding of the maximum speed of a 100cc dirt bike. 

How Fast Does a 100cc Dirt Bike Go | Overview

A detailed explanation of a 100cc dirt bike and how fast a 100cc dirt bike goes. To better understand the topic, manufacturing 100cc dirt bikes is essential to the discussion.

Here is the basic information about the components of a 100cc dirt bike, and it helps you to choose the right bike for the racing tracks.

What are the Basics of a 100cc Dirt Bike?

What are the Basics of a 100cc Dirt Bike

100cc means 100 centimeters cubic engine. This property determines the quality a rider requires on a racing ground. Following is the basic information about a 100cc dirt bike:

Age and weight of a rider

No matter the manufacturing of the dirt bike, one of the essential factors that are a fundamental feature is the age and height of the dirt bike. So a 100cc dirt bike is suitable for 9-10 years or a bit older, like some teenagers; 160 pounds and 162cm height is good enough.

 Seat Height of 100cc bike

The seat height of the 100cc dirt bike comes after the weight and age of the rider. With the right height and weight of a rider, the seat height of a 100cc dirt bike also contributes to getting the perfect 100cc dirt bike.


A powerful engine like a 100cc dirt bike can generate enough horsepower, like 50 HP. Some 100cc dirt bikes have manual transmissions, which can cause smooth riding and enough speed.


Another basis of a 100cc dirt bike is its engine. Either it is a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine.

  • 2-stroke engine: 2 stroke engine generates enough power for single crank movement and is a bit jerky compared to 4 stroke engine.
  • Four-stroke engine:4 stroke engine generates sufficient power for both crank movements. And it also gives a smooth ride.

Speed of 100cc dirt bike

Speed of 100cc dirt bike

The speed of a 100cc dirt bike depends on engine stroke, suspension, etc. The average speed of a 100cc dirt bike is 45 miles per hour.

Bike weight

Along with the rider’s age, height, and weight, the bike’s weight is also essential. The engine is the heaviest component of a motorcycle; the heavier the engine, the more weight the cycle. The four-stroke engine of a 100cc dirt bike is heavier.

How Fast Does a 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

The average speed of a 100cc dirt bike is 45-65 miles per hour, but it varies with the engine stroke. 2 and 4-stroke engines display different speeds.

Speed Limit of 2-Stroke 100cc Dirt Bike

The two-stroke engine of a 100cc dirt bike reaches up to 55-65 miles per hour.

Speed Limit of 4-Stroke 100cc Dirt Bike

The four-stroke engine of a 100cc dirt bike goes up to 45-55 miles per hour.

Important Factor Regarding the Speed of Dirt Bikes:

The engine is the most critical factor on which a dirt bike’s speed is directly dependent. The more powerful the engine is, the more power it generates. As a result, it gives the maximum speed.

The 100cc direct bike is more powerful than 40cc, 60cc, and 70cc dirt bikes as the engine of these bikes is less than 100cc. whereas, 125cc, 250cc and 450cc dirt bikes generate more powerful speed than 100cc dirt bikes. The following table shows the engine’s power and the bike’s speed, which help you understand how fast a 100cc dirt bike go.

Engine Power (cc)The maximum speed of the dirt bikes (mph)
Table of Speed of 100cc dirt bike

Other Factors Determining the Speed of 100cc Dirt Bike

Other Factors Determining the Speed of 100cc Dirt Bike

Other than the engine, a few factors determine the speed of a dirt bike, or you can say on which the speed depends. These are as follows:

High-Octane Fuel

The maintenance of the engine is so essential, as I discussed earlier. For that reason, the most refined use of fuel is necessary because it will enhance the life of an engine. High-octane fuel is best for the 100cc dirt bike engine.

Skilled Rider

It requires good skill to handle a 100cc dirt bike. The more speed is dealt with by a rider, the maximum speed a 100cc dirt bike can achieve.

Type of Terrain

The speed of a 100c dirt bike also depends on the terrain you choose to ride on. Usually, dirt bikes are for off-road terrain, but 100cc dirt bikes will attain maximum speed if the terrain is smooth and lesser in sand, pebbles, and gravel.

Suspension of 100cc Direct Bike

The suspension of a dirt bike plays an indirect role in determining the top speed. The suspension usually provides a comfortable ride to the rider. The more stable and comfortable the 100cc dirt bike is, the more it achieves the top speed.

So these factors, directly and indirectly, determine the fastest speed of dirt bikes. All of the above information shows us how fast a 100cc dirt bike goes, but if a rider can’t attain the maximum speed, there are specific points through which a rider can quickly gain the ultimate limit of a 100c dirt bike.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is another factor that determines the speed of a 100cc dirt bike. If the gear ratio is less, the bike’s speed will automatically decrease, but it will have better acceleration. Still, if the gear ratio is higher, the speed of the dirt bike will automatically go higher.

Aerodynamics of 100cc dirt bike

Similar is the case with the aerodynamics of the dirt bike. A bike with more aerodynamics increases the rate of speed, and the lesser the aerodynamics, the rate of the speed will decrease.

Here are the essential points we are going to discuss:

How to Attain the Maximum Speed of a 100cc Dirt Bike?

Attaining the maximum speed on a 100cc dirt bike isn’t easy; it requires serious effort. Following are a few points; if you follow, you will attain the maximum speed:

Selection of Gas

Using better and high-quality gas will help your dirt bike to work properly. Instead of using low octane -82, use high octane, i.e., octane-82 or more than that. The dirt bike’s engine will work effectively, and you can attain the power speed.


Lubricating the engine and chain of a 100cc dirt bike is essential. It will keep the chain and engine in a proper working position, and your bike will remain sound and function properly; in this way, you will be able to attain the fast speed of a 100cc dirt bike. Lubrication avoids rust in engines and chains.

Tire Maintenance

Upgrading the tires is essential; solid and smooth tires are a good combination for your 100cc dirt bike. It won’t get flat, and a smooth and comfortable ride will attain the maximum limit.

Tire Pressure

The correct pressure for tires is so significant that I will keep the tires in good working condition. Keep checking the tire, especially before the ride. The right amount of pressure will save you from punctures and give you a smooth ride without any hustle; you have to break the momentum of your 100cc dirt bike and attain the maximum limit.

Six psi to 8 psi is good enough for rear and front tire pressure on muddy areas, whereas 12 psi for rear and 14 psi for front pressure is suitable for dry roads.

Safety Measure of Riding 100cc Dirt Bike

35 miles per hour is a fast speed, and handling it and controlling it is a difficult task; from the safety point of view, the quickest speed is always unsafe, but by following the below tips, you may be able to control the bike and keep in safe:

  • Maintain the Basic Components:

To keep the bike safe and in running condition, you need to maintain the essential components that directly affect the bike’s speed, like the engine, suspension, tires, etc.

Daily inspection is necessary to keep your bike safe and avoid harmful accidents.

  • Fuel Tank

Your bike’s fuel should be up to the mark before going to ride, which is also one of the essential parts of safety. Unfortunately, if you run out of power, off-road terrain doesn’t have petrol pumps, so you must keep everything on the checklist before going for an adventure.

  • Skilled person

A young bike rider must be an excellent skilled person who can handle challenging situations. Proper online classes or sessions are there, and you and your family can learn new techniques to overcome harmful accidents.

  • Protective Gears

Protective gears are essential; to avoid serious or harmful injury, you must wear helmets, safety arm gloves, etc. You also need to make sure your family is following all the maintenance and taking safety measures so that you and your family can enjoy the ride.

So is the 100cc dirt bike safe? Yes, it is entirely secure, and you also need to take all the safety measures to avoid any harmful accident. All the details of safety measures are there. And it is another better understanding of how fast does a 100cc dirt bike goes.

Best Manufacturer Of 100cc Direct Bike

There are a lot of manufacturing industries producing the fastest 100cc dirt bike, but two companies are making the fastest 100cc dirt bike, i.e., Kawasaki and Honda.

  • Kawasaki KX 100

The Kawasaki KX100 bike has the most famous Japanese engine, up to 65 miles per hour, with the two-stroke excellent liquid engine. They are using their best 2-stroke engine so that the 100cc dirt bike can achieve the maximum limit, and without any hustle, the rider will be able to handle the bike smoothly.

  • Honda CFR 100

Similarly, Honda CFR 100 is the best potent engine bike, though Honda discontinued the production of a 100cc dirt bike.


How much power does the 100cc dirt bike engine have?

The engine of a 100cc dirt bike is potent; it can generate up to 5HP, which is good enough to go up to 55 miles per hour. It is a good option for racing tracks.

How fast does a 100cc dirt bike mini version go?

The mini-one needs to be faster. Usually, a mini 100cc dirt bike can go up to 23 miles per hour which is required. You can’t take it to the racing tracks; it isn’t suitable for racing events.

What is the cost of a 100cc dirt bike?

The 100cc dirt bike isn’t expensive. It is affordable; it depends upon the brand name or the equipment they use. It also relies on the power of the engine generated and an engine’s performance. So you can quickly get the 100cc dirt bike at An affordable price.


So, how fast does a 100cc dirt bike go? this article delivered all the essential information regarding it

a 100cc dirt bike is the best option for young riders and beginners. It is comparatively easy to handle yet goes up to 65 miles per hour which is a compelling speed. It is one of the fastest and best dirt bikes of this era.

The best part is you can go on off-road trips with a family, even if you have a toddler. a 100cc dirt bike can accommodate younger weights and heights; it is entirely safe for the kids, but always remember to take proper safety measures.

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