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How Fast Does A 70cc Dirt Bike Go? Explore The World Of Dirt Bikes!

Curiosity often leads to exploration and experiencing a new world. Bike riding is a world of bikes, speed, racing, and winning. a 70cc dirt bike is the best option for kids and beginners, adults can ride them, but this bike is for younger people.

Short Answer

How fast does a 70cc dirt bike go? It is better and faster than a 50cc dirt bike because it can hardly go fast. The average speed of a 70cc dirt bike is between 35-4 miles per hour. It varies with the brands. And it can go up to 50 miles per hour if a lot of hard work on the speed of it.

This article will provide some intelligent choices for the fastest 70cc dirt bike.

How Fast Does A 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 70cc dirt bike has an engine of smaller size because the smaller the engine is, the less horsepower it will generate, resulting in the low speed of a motorcycle. So all these small-engine dirt bikes are designed for younger kids and beginners.

The speed of the bike has several factors on which it is dependent. Some elements are directly involved, and some are indirectly involved. The following will help you know more about how fast a 70cc dirt bike go.

The Engine Of The 70cc Dirt Bike

70cc dirt bike has two types of engines:

Two-stroke engine

  • It is famous among riders because of its lightweight and excellent acceleration.
  • It gives the top speed among the various brands of bikes.
  • It is easy to handle and gives more fun.
  • The fastest speed of a two-stroke dirt bike is 35-45 miles per hour

Four-stroke engine

  • The four-stroke engine manufacturer is stronger than the two-stroke engine.
  • It produces less torque, and engines are more fuel efficient and reliable.
  • The speed of a four-stroke dirt bike gives a speed different from two-stroke.
  • It can go up to 25 to 35 miles per hour.

The speed of a dirt bike is always directly dependent on its engine.

4 Fastest 70cc Dirt Bike

4 Fastest 70cc Dirt Bike

Following are the fastest 70cc dirt bikes, so whenever you go for 70cc, choose the best among them:

Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike

It is quite an expensive bike with modern technologies and comes in various options. It Is similar to CRF50.


  • The fastest speed it can achieve with a single-cylinder engine is 35 kilometers per hour.
  • Above is the fastest speed for a youngster; a heavyweight kid can ride it comfortably.
  • The critical feature of the Coolster 70cc dirt bike is the super suspension that helps to maintain balance and makes it a comfortable ride for a kid.

Coleman Power Sort 70DX

Coleman Power, sort 70DX, gains more attention because teenagers and children can use it.


  • One thing about a 70cc dirt bike that is unique and unavailable in other dirt bikes is that a 70cc dirt bike carries even the heavier person, and Coleman Power Dort 70DX can carry up to 200 kg.
  • The fastest speed it can produce is up to 25 kilometers with horsepower up to 8.7 having a four-stroke engine.

DB70 Semi-Automatic Dirt Bike

This bike is for cute little toddlers.


  • The speed limit is very low because of few riders; it is the slowest 70cc dirt bike with 25 kilometers per hour.
  • And it is super safe for your kids and toddlers. It has automatic disc brakes for beginners.
  • Its horsepower is 2.5, which is very low, with a weight of 110 pounds. Very simple and very comfortable for the little riders.

Moto Monster MM B80

Interestingly, the engine of the Moto Monster MM B80 bike has an 80cc engine, but it’s enlisted as a 70cc dirt bike.


  • The horsepower is 2.5, considered more potent than the other 70cc dirt bike.
  • The fastest speed is 25 kilometers per hour.
  • Disc brakes keep the bike stable.
  • The operation of Moto Monster MMB80 is easy to manage because of the automatic clutch.

You can choose any of them, and each has a unique quality to decide according to your needs and requirements.

Fastest Speed of 70cc Dirt Bike| Facts

Fastest Speed of 70cc Dirt Bike Facts

Some factors can affect the fastest speed of a 70cc dirt bike, and it will help you to know how fast a 70cc dirt bike go.

  • Weight of a Dirt Bike

The heavier the dirt bike is, the less speed it will have. That is why lighter engines are faster than the heavier engines of the dirt bike.

  • Brand of Dirt Bikes

The speed limit is different for various brands. So each brand has its own fastest speed according to their set speed limit.

  • Type of Terrain

Severe types of terrains either increase the speed or lower it. Bumpy and rocky terrain will decrease the speed and vice versa.

  • Speed Limit of 70cc Dirt Bike

The interesting fact about a 70cc dirt bike is that the more speed you need, the more effort you put in. It means you have to give your body energy to the bike to enjoy the high speed.

To increase the speed of 70cc to 10 miles per hour, you have to give 3 to 5 horsepower. And this is where the speed limit of a 70cc dirt bike comes in. Wheelies cannot have performed at the fastest speed; 35 miles per hour is the maximum speed at which your child can do wheelies. It is a slow speed to do wheelies, as you can see on TV and in movies, but it is safe for teenagers and kids.

  • How to Upgrade the Speed of a 70cc Dirt Bike?

As there are factors that directly or indirectly affect the speed of the bike, but there are certain factors that you can consider to boost the speed of your 70cc dirt bike, which are as follows:

  • Exhaust System of the 70cc Dirt Bike

Modifying and upgrading the exhaust system provides better airflow and minimizes the bike’s weight, improving the bike’s overall performance.

  • Rear Sprocket Changes

Upgrading the rear sprocket helps change the gear ratio, resulting in better acceleration and achieving top speed during the race. I can only provide excellent and maximum speed when the bike accelerates appropriately.

  • Adjustment of Gears

The proper adjustment to the gear is also significant to increase the speed of your 70cc dirt bike. Find a good mechanic who can serve you better and advise you on adjusting your bike gears.

Safety Measures

Safety is the only key to keeping your journey memorable. No matter how strong the manufacturing of a dirt bike is, it surely helps you in your safety, but without protective safety measures, you can experience some severe incidents.

Here are the following safety measures you need to take:

Foot Protection

Is there a special boot for riding a dirt bike? Specially designed boots are for dirt bikes, and if you don’t wear them, you can face severe pain, an uncomfortable ride, or if you meet serious accidents, it will cause severe damage to your feet.

Neck Protection

Wearing a neck brace while riding is essential because it reduces the risk of paralysis or severe injury by up to 80%. And you can land safely on your feet if you have an accident.

Wearing Helmet

Protecting your head during riding is one of the basic safety measures, and you have yet to learn about wearing a helmet and what kind of brain injury you may face. ‘Prevention is better than cure.’


Pads are for the protection of knees and elbows. If you face any incident during high bumps and jumps, your bike slips, knee, and elbow pads will protect you from minor injuries.

Protection of Chest

While designing the protecting gears, you must consider all the possible injuries that can occur while facing a severe or minor accident. Lungs and hearts are the body’s vital organs, and everybody knows a rider should wear chest protection before riding.


 What is the speed limit of a 70cc dirt bike?

The experienced riders set the limit of 70cc dirt bikes up to 50 miles per hour, which can be achieved after much effort.

 Is there any requirement for a license to ride a 70cc dirt bike?

Laws are different in various countries and states, as a dirt bike isn’t a road bike; you can only ride it on public roads with special permission or a license. So check the rules and regulations of any state or country you are in and act upon them.

Is a 70cc Dirt Bike Good for Racing?

Well, it is not made for adult racing because it has a small engine and low speed, but you need to check the rules and regulations in your country; it might be available for racing in certain age groups.


The 70cc dirt bike is among the best for kids, teenagers, and beginners. Its engine is smaller, but the bike and seat size are good enough for your kid to get a comfortable ride.

So the question has its clarifications now, how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go? 45mph is the fastest speed in some cases, but many factors determine and affect the speed of the dirt bike. Safety measures are mandatory for each race and bike, and whenever kids are involved in any race or trip, extra precaution is always necessary, so in the case of a 70cc dirt bike.

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