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How Fast Does A 400cc Dirt Bike Go? Everything You Are Looking for!

Bike riders, especially beginners, are often curious about the bike speed they will buy, and who doesn’t want to avail the maximum speed in a short period? A 400cc dirt bike is one of the fastest in the category of dirt bikes. It provides the top speed, which other dirt bikes cannot offer.

Short Answer

How fast does a 400cc dirt bike go? The larger the engine size, the more power and speed a dirt bike generates. On average, 50-87 miles per hour 400 cc dirt bikes can go, and the fastest speed can go up to 125 miles per hour, but it also depends upon the different brand’s engines. 

Speed is essential because it helps to take you to your desired destination on time or early. Whether it is home or office, or any other place, that’s where this article comes in; you will have all the answers to your questions regarding the speed of a dirt bike and how fast a 400cc dirt bike goes.

Following is the detailed discussion:

What is the 400cc Dirt Bike?

What is the 400cc Dirt Bike

The 400cc dirt bike is for off-road terrains and hilly areas; it has a large engine compared to other 300cc and 250cc dirt bikes, and the engine stroke is of two types: two-stroke engine and four-stroke engine.

Are You Choosing the Right 400cc Dirt Bike?

Choosing the right bike before going for an off-road trip, racing event, or even before practicing is essential because only then will you be able to achieve your target. So following are the factors that include choosing the right 400cc dirt bike:

Size of the Frame and Height of the Rider

The right side of the frame and the rider’s height are essential factors in choosing the right bike for you. The size of the frame means the size of the bike is also bigger. It is necessary that a rider should be able to touch the handles, bars comfortably, peddles, and ground while riding.

Age of the Rider

There is a list given of the bike’s speed based on age, which is as follows:

Age of the ridermodels of the dirt bikes (cc)
16+250 +
Table of Age of the Rider
  • 6-11 years of age

50-150cc models are the lowest-speed bikes in the dirt bike category. They have a small frame size and are lighter in weight.

  • 12-15 years of age

125-250cc are good dirt bikes with ideal frame size, generate more speed and power than the smaller dirt bike, and are comparatively easy to handle.

  • 16 years of age and older

Finally, 250cc, 300cc, or 400cc bikes are the most advanced form of dirt bikes, and they generate more power and are more capable.

Good Command of Dirt Bike

Skills always matter no matter the size and age of the rider; if you aren’t good enough to ride a bike or can’t handle or operate it perfectly, all of the above factors will be helpful for you, but you won’t be able to ride a bike. So learn to be skillful and choose the right motorcycle according to your needs.

How Fast Does a 400cc Dirt Bike Go?

A dirt bike can go up to 100 miles per hour, and Suzuki DR-Z can go up to 114 miles per hour. So it depends upon the brand’s engine size, as the more prominent the engine, the more speed it will produce. But on average, a 400cc dirt bike can go up to 50-87 miles per hour.

The engine plays the most crucial role in the ability of a dirt bike to produce speed—the horsepower, i.e., the engine power. The more horsepower a bike has thus has more speed.

Horsepower of 400cc Dirt Bike

Horsepower of 400cc Dirt Bike

The horsepower depends upon the engine type. a 400cc dirt bike has two engine types: two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

Two-stroke engines

The two-stroke engine of a 400cc dirt bike is a favorite among dirt bikers because it is lighter, easy to handle, and gives enough power. Moreover, the cost and maintenance are cheaper than a four-stroke bike. The horsepower of a two-stroke engine is 40.

Four-stroke engine

The four-stroke bike is a bit heavier, and though it generates good power, its maintenance, and cost are more expensive than the two-stroke engine. But the engine is more powerful, so its horsepower is 50, which means it generates more speed.

Speed of 400cc Dirt Bike Varies with Brand

The fastest speed of a 400cc dirt bike also varies with brand. The horsepower is different from the same engine type. For example, the two-stroke engine of Yamaha produces 38 horsepower, whereas 42 is the horsepower by KTM two-stroke engine. Similarly, with a four-stroke engine, 400cc dirt bikes vary with the brand.

So do your homework before choosing the right 400cc dirt bike to enjoy the fastest speed and a comfortable ride.

400cc Dirt Bike Famous Among Riders

There are the following reasons why the 400cc dirt bike is famous among bike riders:

  • The most obvious reason is its speed. It has so much power that it gives an adrenaline rush to the rider.
  • Secondly, it is an all-rounder; you can ride it on jumpy tracks to smooth trails, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • When it’s time to perform the task, a 400cc dirt bike won’t disappoint you in terms of speed, power, and comfort.

Factors Affecting Speed of 400cc Dirt Bike?

Factors Affecting Speed of 400cc Dirt Bike

Yes, despite all the above information, there are still some factors that directly affect the speed of the bike, which are as follows:

Type of Terrain

The type of terrain is always essential in terms of speed. Most dirt bikes are very much affected by this kind of terrain, but as mentioned earlier, it runs smoothly on rough and flat trails, but it does somewhere affect the speed of the dirt bike. Smooth will increase the speed while a jumpy road decreases the terrain.

Engine Maintenance

Despite the engine type, maintenance plays a crucial role in the speeds of the 400cc dirt bike if it is not maintained correctly. How come it is going to serve with total efficiency and horsepower? Hence the speed decreases. Oil changes, spark plug replacement, and modification of the damaged or worn components are part of engine maintenance.


Okay, the exciting factor is that the tire pressure is also essential, which needs to be discussed. Suppose the tire has too much grip or has a lesser grip; in both cases, the speed decreases due to friction or your spin and fall. So adequate tire pressure must be ensured before any event.

Weather Condition

Unwanted weather conditions like heavy wind velocity or storms, or heavy rain affect the speed.

The above factors give you a proper understanding of how fast does a 400cc dirt bike go?

Safety Measures for 400cc Dirt Bike:

If you choose the bike for you by going through every point, you still need safety measures. You can’t skip it, no matter what:


You need to take care of the proper protection to ride a bike. Wear helmets, arm gloves, etc., to protect you and your friends from serious injuries.

Learn Proper Skills

Online sessions are happening to learn good managing skills to handle dirt bikes. By understanding the procedure, you will be able to ride safely.

Modification of 400cc Dirt Bike

Timely modification or replacement of the bike components is essential; it keeps your bike up to date.

Fuel Tank

Please check the fuel tank before on a long trip; you won’t be able to get a petrol pump to fill your fuel tank. So ride safely.


What Is the Suitable Height for a 400cc Dirt Bike?

5 ‘3” or 1.6 meters is suitable for a 400cc dirt bike. It is the safe height for the dirt bike because you can handle it properly, along with the other factors. A size shorter than 5 ‘3” won’t be able to take it due to the unreachable handlebar and pedals of the dirt bike if you are taller than 5 ‘3’’, that is below the safe zone height.

Is It Safe to Ride a 400cc Dirt Bike On Highways?

It is safe, but it is risky if you are a beginner. Because riding off-road trails is very different from depending on the highways, especially with the high speed, so even if you are riding it, you must be careful and keep the speed low.

Is a 400cc Dirt Bike for Beginners?

It is a medium-sized bike that generates more power than the beginner dirt bike, but it can also be for beginners; you must be skillful in every trick to handle it. Otherwise, it can put you in some severe condition.


In sum, the 400cc dirt bike offers a thrilling and exciting ride; whether riding on a jumpy track or smooth, it will give you the experience of a lifetime. Moreover, it is mainly for the experts. You need to know the proper skills for operating and managing the bike.

The engine power is the most exciting thing; its ability is so remarkable that 400cc dirt bikes have become famous among riders. If you want to have a remarkable adventure on off-road trips, then a 400cc dirt bike is the best choice because now you know how fast a 400cc dirt bike goes. So choose your bike wisely and don’t miss the ride.

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