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How Fast Does a 300cc Dirt Bike Go? Basic Guideline. Let’s Find Out!

When planning an off-road trip and adventure, you will surely need a dirt bike because it is designed for roads and terrains. But the first question as a rider can come into your mind is how fast does a 300cc dirt bike go?

Short Answer

Dirt bikes have smaller engines than regular street bikes and evolved into multipurpose bikes. Now comes the question; how fast can a 300cc dirt bike go? It depends on the rider’s weight, terrain, and bike model, but on average, a dirt bike can go up to 95 miles per hour speed. Isn’t it cool?  Let’s read!

300cc Dirt Bike: Overview

Before going into further detail about the speed of dirt bikes, let’s dig deeper and get to know basic information about dirt bikes. It will help understand how fast a 300cc dirt bike go.

What is a 300cc Dirt Bike?

Well, a 300cc dirt bike is used for off-road trips and terrains. It is comparatively lighter in weight.

300cc dirt bike has an engine of 300cc, which is relatively smaller than the street bike, but all the off-road bikes have more or less the same engine size. Though the size of the engine is smaller, it gives compelling speed.

How Fast Does a 300cc Dirt Bike Go?

There are a few factors that can increase or decrease the speed of a bike which are going to discuss later, but mostly, the speed of a 300cc dirt bike usually depends on the rider’s experience, terrain, and the bike itself can affect its own pace.

The maximum speed of a 300cc dirt bike can go up to 95 miles per hour, but this speed will affect and decrease If the rider is inexperienced or the terrain is rougher. Some dirt bikes can have higher speeds than others.

So in the right circumstances, an excellent experienced rider with the right terrain track and the right bike for the trip can move at a faster speed of the bike. And trust me! With the right pace, your adventure will be full of thrill.

How 300cc Dirt Bike Differs from Others?

How 300cc Dirt Bike Differs from Others

Following are the few points that make 300cc dirt bikes different from others:

The engine of the Dirt Bike:

As already mentioned that it is designed for off-road areas, unlike street motorbikes. A dirt bike is suitable for rough surface areas, even on snowy paths; it is ideal for dirt bikes 300cc bike has smaller engines than 400cc and 500cc. And it is also lighter than 400cc and 500cc dirt bikes.

Types of Dirt Bikes:

The dirt bike has two types of bikes, i.e., 2 stroke engine and a four-stroke engine. 300cc bikes differ based on the horsepower of these two engines. Overall, dirt bike ranges from 50cc to 800cc.

Build of Dirt Bike:

The dirt bike is designed to sustain significant shocks from the bumps and jumps of the off-road trails, whereas the street bikes are for long distances and higher speeds.

Benefits of 300cc Dirt Bike:

The following are the main benefits of a 300cc dirt bike:

  • Design:

There are other specifically designed bikes for roads and trails, but dirt bike is one of the best because it has the power to tackle the roughest terrains, and it is comparatively lighter in weight and more responsive.

  • Good for beginners:

As it is lighter, it is easy for beginners to practice on a 300cc dirt bike because it is easier to handle. So they can enjoy the adventure and learn riding skills simultaneously with a 300cc dirt bike.

  • Enough power:

The small engine of the bike gives enough power to handle any harsh and rough terrain.

So these were the few benefits. To understand how fast a 300cc dirt bike go, let’s scroll down and understand the factors that can affect the bike’s performance.

Factors Affecting the Speed of 300cc Dirt Bike:

Factors Affecting the Speed of 300cc Dirt Bike

Following are the factors on which the speed of a dirt bike depends; let’s find out to avoid any shortcomings during the ride:

  • Weight of a Dirt Bike:

The speed of a dirt bike can easily be affected by the engine’s weight. Suppose the engine of a bicycle is heavier. In that case, it will become more challenging for a motorcycle to move appropriately, making it hard for a rider to control the bike, lowering the speed of a dirt bike. Control on brakes will also get harder due to the weight of an engine.

  • Wind:

The wind is an essential factor that can affect the whole adventure. As a rider, a helmet and gear will help to face the wind problem. Wind can also easily affect the speed, so if a rider could control the throttle, it would allow him to gain more momentum.

  • The Fuel of a Dirt Bike:

The bike’s fuel is another main factor that can affect the speed. To refill the fuel tank, you can ride up to 100 miles. So supply the fuel tank before going on a long adventure.

2-Stroke Engine vs. 4-Stroke Engine:

2-stroke engine bikes are more popular, especially in Europe. Due to less power, the engine can reach its maximum speed quickly. Whereas the engine of 4-stroke motorbikes is more powerful, efficient, and easier to handle.


Another critical factor that can affect the speed of a dirt bike is the number of cylinders.

More compression occurs in the cylinders; the more power generated, like adding a new engine, the speed of a dirt bike will increase when you have another engine machine. So more cylinders in a dirt bike are helpful in terms of increasing the speed of a motorcycle.

The information mentioned above gives a clearer picture of a dirt bike, how fast a 300cc bike can go, and the significant factors that can affect the speed of a bike easily. These are the essential information you should know if you plan an off-road trip because all these factors can make your adventure more thrilling or fail.

Is 300cc Right Dirt Bike for You:

Is 300cc Right Dirt Bike for You

Well, for a mountain trip or off-road areas, it’s always a wise decision to choose a perfect bike based on features, size, etc., so you can ride without any hurdles. There is a variety of dirt bikes in the market, so it takes time to choose which is suitable for your ride.

So following are a few tips to help you choose the right dirt bike to have a fantastic adventure without bad experiences.

Size of the Dirt Bike:

The size of the bike is so important because it will give control of the bike to the biker. So it has to be big enough to properly handle the tour and doesn’t have to be oversized, so it’s unwieldy. If a rider is short-sighted or taller than the average, you also have to consider your height which you can handle perfectly. So both height of the rider and the size of the bike matter.

Type of Terrain:

There are different types of dirt bikes. Usually, they are made for off-road trips, but they are very versatile and can ride on any terrain; due to their versatility, you have to choose what type of bike you want. Like for example, if you are planning to ride mostly on off-road terrains, then you will have a different bike for that, and if you are planning to remain more on pavement, then the type of bike would differ, so it also depends on the kind of terrain you are planning to ride on.

So these were the different tips, though there are many; most importantly, the bike’s size, the rider’s height, and the terrain type are a few tips before going for an off-road adventure.

Where to Find 300cc Dirt Bike?

To give you more clarity on how fast a 300cc dirt bike go, you can have different areas to look for 300cc dirt bikes; once you personally visit these places or shop online, you will come to know other different dirt bikes so it will become easier to choose for you and you will get more information regarding your question.

  1. Rental company: renting a bike for a day or week is much easier than buying it If you are on a limited budget.
  2. Private seller: some private sellers sell bikes privately, so if you plan to buy 300cc, they have various types. You can contact them directly.
  3. Dealership: Another option is the dealership option; they will provide samples they have, or you can give them your personal choice of dirt bike and then will contact the owner.

Maintenance of 300cc Dirt Bike:

How fast does a 300cc dirt bike go? Maintenance is the key to making your machine function well and achieving the best results.

Once you buy the 300cc dirt bike, follow a few tips to maintain it.

  1. Air filter maintenance is essential because it can damage the bike’s engine. Keep checking the air filter after every ride.
  2. Usually, bikes don’t start; well, check the spark plug. Running and cycle starting problems occur when the bike’s spark plug is dirty.
  3. The engine is also damaged by dirty oil. So check it after every few rides.
  4. Flats tires usually occur when the tire’s pressure needs to be checked.
  5. Most importantly, check the brakes. It can prevent some serious accidents.


Are 300cc dirt bikes good for starters?

Yes, it is suitable for beginners, as it is smaller in engine size, so it is easy to handle for new riders. But If you are an experienced rider, then dirt bikes with 400cc or 500cc engines are the better options in terms of speed.
But especially if you are a beginner, you need to know the basic skills and ways to handle the windy weather; picking the right equipment and maintaining the bike is also necessary, like avoiding the mixing of fuels.

Can you ride a 300cc dirt bike on the highway?

Well, 300cc can go up to 80 miles per hour to ride on highways, but it isn’t recommended because they are smaller concerning engine size. 400cc might be a better option for highway trips.

Any tips for moving your dirt bike faster?

 Here are a few tips you need to increase the speed of your dirt bike; Engine size is the primary factor if you want to increase the speed of your dirt bike. It will help to cover long distances before refilling.
Secondly, if the dirt bike is heavier, a rider can put little effort into moving the bike forward. With a heavy bike, the speed will automatically increase. Lastly, the bike’s aerodynamics is way better than the other transports, so they can travel faster without being dragged.
These are a few tips on maintaining your 300cc dirt bike. By following these steps, your dirt bike will remain in good condition for years, and you can enjoy the ride for many years.


This is all about how fast does a 300cc dirt bike go; all the essential information you need to know before going on a trip is in this article.

300cc dirt bikes are mainly designed for off-road purposes. A small engine with powerful speed is all you need to ride a bike, but obviously, you need to take care of its maintenance, like checking air filters and a full half tank to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

So go rider, explore the magical mountains of the world with a dirt bike. It is an experience of a lifetime to meet people and make memories to cherish for years to come.

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