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How Fast Does A 49cc Dirt Bike Go? Detailed Answer

You will notice that there are many other engine sizes if you’re thinking about buying a dirt bike. The 50cc and 125cc series of engines are the two most prominent sizes these days. Dirt bikes with a 49cc engine are also available. Possibly, you must be curious to learn how fast does a 49cc dirt bike go?

 You might be stunned to discover that a 50cc dirt bike’s maximum speed and a 49cc dirt bike’s top speed are precisely the very same. In reality, the differences are hardly noticeable. It would be challenging to detect the differences between a 49cc and a 50cc engine if you are a newbie rider with little experience.

That, however, does not mean that you should simply choose to use a 50cc engine. Making the switch to a 49cc model makes much more sense for some users.

How fast does a 49cc dirt bike go?

The maximum speed of a 49cc dirt bike is likely to be 30 miles an hour. They move incredibly quickly, assuming that an automatic transmission is used to control them. As a consequence, you can accelerate quickly without having to bother about switching gears. Without changing gears, your engine may provide a little more power when it seems like it wants it.

Riding a 49cc dirt bike, therefore, makes a lot of sense for so many of the users. These are convenient tiny motorbikes that are pleasant to ride around on and that are simple to operate. The size difference between them and a 125cc scooter is noticeable, and they often have a smaller engine than our 50cc versions.

However, there is a minor difference between it and a 49cc or 50cc bike in terms of performance. Bikes with a 49cc engine are great for people who primarily travel locally. A 49cc or 50cc dirt bike is an excellent way to start rolling if you just want to get around town on two wheels.

What Can Be Done To Ramp up A 49cc Dirt Bike?

What Can Be Done To Ramp up A 49cc Dirt Bike

Talking about how fast does a 49cc dirt bike go, A 49cc dirt bike has numerous features that you can quickly modify, and you only need a basic understanding of how bikes are put together to do so.

Furthermore, you don’t need to put any restrictions on yourself if you’re a fan of speed and want to boost the power of your bike. What may be better for a biker than increasing his ride’s speed?

If you possess a dirt bike, you have the golden chance to get the most out of it. As a result, we’re going to provide you with the best advice on how to speed up your 49cc bike without having to bring it to a specialist.

Here is the step-by-step procedure you must adhere to in order to speed up your 49cc dirt bike engine.

  • STEP 1

In order to increase the performance of your dirt bike, you need to start looking for the most incredible deals on aftermarket parts.

 After all, you might not want to blow the budget. You’ll need to buy the components once you’ve verified that you can discover a reliable and affordable provider of bike parts.

You should be aware of the necessity to allow additional fuel and air to access your 49cc dirt bike engine. You would need to replace the stock parts. Never sacrifice the integrity of the components.

  • STEP 2

With the aid of a screwdriver, you must now take off the cover made of plastic cover that is attached to your dirt bike. Next, find the header bolts; a simple way to accomplish this is to track the exhaust system up to the front of the engine. The header bolts must be loosened using your ratchet set, and the muffler mounting screws must then be removed. This will make it easy for you to remove the exhaust from your bike.

  • STEP 3

When putting the new exhaust system on your bike, you must ensure that you are fastening at the end of the new muffler because that will ensure that your exhaust system matches precisely.

  • STEP 4

Locate your standard air filter that is limiting, and then replace it with your essential tools. Moreover, you must take out the spark plug which is already in place on your bike and substitute it with the replacement spark plug you have purchased.

You may enhance the circulation of air and gasoline in your 49cc dirt bike for adults by making these modifications.

And it will be apparent to you if you are acquainted with the core rules of how the bike works that changing the air and fuel circulation to the engine will offer you more power throughout the entire range of your Revolutions per minute.

  • STEP 5

In order to prevent any components of your 49cc dirt bike from coming loose while you are traveling, you must lastly help ensure that all the screws you have been using are adequately tightened. Before you install the plastic cover on your bike, make sure that all screws are correctly fastened.


Talking about how fast does a 49cc dirt bike go, this is always a preferable idea to bring your bike to a professional if you are highly unaware of the many components of a bike.

However, as both dirt bikes and any other kind of standard-sized bike share the same mechanics, you could also contact a friend who is skilled in coping with them.

This would be helpful if you don’t want to pay even just a single extra penny in addition to the price of the components.

Many people these days are searching desperately for faster bikes since they are not pleased with the pace of their bikes. Hence by using these steps, you can make your dirt bike move faster than before.

What kind of maintenance is required for a 49cc dirt bike?

What kind of maintenance is required for a 49cc dirt bike

Close to 15 years of use without significant maintenance are conceivable with a well-kept 49cc dirt bike from a trustworthy manufacturer. Generally speaking, the bike is durable and straightforward to use. You can do the following procedures for maintenance:

  1. Fill it up with gas.
  2. At least once a year, the dirt bike’s oil should be replaced.
  3. Remove the filtration system and clean it.
  4. Each year at the end of the biking season, take out the bike’s starting battery and recharge it across the cold season. If you do not succeed in doing this, you will have to buy a brand-new battery at the start of the new season.
  5. Repair a flat tire. The tires on 49cc bikes are considerably thinner than those on other bikes, making them more susceptible to flats.

Essential Safety Equipment

Essential Safety Equipment

Youngsters will stumble, pick themselves up and continue to move just as when they are riding their bicycles. The correct guidance and safety equipment can help your child get off to an excellent beginning while also enabling you to unwind.

Safe bikers are those who ride with confidence. To help your youngster reach this stage, spend your cash on the right equipment. The shopping list you should use is the one below:

  1. Motorbike Helmet
  2. Rider’s Glasses
  3. Protective Shoulder Armour With A Chest Guard
  4. A Neck Guard
  5. Pants For Riding And A Jersey
  6. Elbow Pads
  7. Knee Guards
  8. Gloves
  9. Riding Shoes For A Dirt Bike

Even though this list is extensive, it isn’t overwhelming. Consider this equipment a comprehensive protection kit in case your youngster slips off their bike.


How quickly does a 49cc dirt bike 4-stroke engine run?

Based on the ground, the young riders can travel at a reasonable pace while traveling at up to 20 mph on the dirt bike, thanks to its high torque motor.

How fast does a 49cc gas scooter run?

An increased compression head is standard equipment on this 49cc gas engine, making this one of the most efficient 49cc motors accessible. It has a highest speed of 25 miles per hour. With improvements, the scooter’s maximum speed can exceed 33 miles per hour.

Are 49cc bikes allowed on public streets?

Such bikes are not allowed on public roadways in any region that demands that motor-driven bikes comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), which are believed to be all of them.

How fast is a 125cc bike?

Both 125cc motorbikes and scooters have a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour, which is twice as quick as a 49cc. This makes them a better option if you wish to do longer journeys driving on A routes. A 50cc scooter is a decent option for city traveling, but again 125cc scooters are recommended for riding in the suburbs or the countryside.


Being the owner of a dirt bike can be among the best experiences, as these vehicles provide auto enthusiasts with the most distinctive encounter.

 These bikes are also referred to as the “tiny automobile diamonds” because, despite their small stature, they deliver a powerful punch and are extremely fast and efficient. You now know how fast does a 49cc dirt bike go.

You can undoubtedly take your 49cc bike on side streets or even to the nearby tracks and experience a unique traveling experience with your youngster. There are also pocket motorcycles made just for kids. Meanwhile, one of the best things about these bikes is that modifications are simple to do.

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