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How Fast Can A BMX Bike Go? Explained

How fast can a BMX bike go? It is probably a question you’ll want to know if you’ve been planning to get a new bike for your kid. BMX bikes are more lightweight than mountain bikes because they are primarily designed for racing and have chunky tires, providing an aggressive edge over the competition.

The question of whether your child will be able to know how to perform stunts on a BMX bike could also be on your mind.

How Fast Can A BMX Bike Go

How Fast Can A BMX Bike Go

The top speed of a standard BMX is 5 miles per hour, more significant than that of a mountain bike. Given that they have bigger wheels, you might expect the MTB to move more rapidly than a BMX, but even so, wheel size only efficiently covers the land.

The smaller dimensions and reduced weight of a BMX are significant advantages when it comes to performance. How fast can a BMX bike go?

A BMX bike can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour or 56 kilometers per hour when going down a ramp. The second fastest type of bike you can buy is a BMX bike, which is incredibly fast.

 In order to optimize speed with much less effort involved, BMX riders are personalizing their bikes by using lightweight frames, dropping the front axle, and modifying the saddle.

Are BMX Bikes Extremely Fast?

Are BMX Bikes Extremely Fast

BMX bikes available in the market are definitely fast enough. Although many BMX riders may exceed the 35 miles per hour barrier, the type of riding does not lend itself well to speed-based monitoring and recordkeeping. When considering the average total bike speed rate, BMX is the second-fastest you can get.

The downhill ramps at the Olympics are the baseline that most people use to measure the speed of a BMX race bike. This is why there is not a vast amount of information about BMX performance. Trick jumps and whether or not a racer prevailed on a gravel road have a longstanding experience on these bikes because they have been initially conceived to mimic motocross. However, pure racing records take a lot of work to come by.

BMX Bikes Are Faster; Why?

BMX Bikes Are Faster

After determining the velocity of a race BMX bike, the next reasonable question is: what characteristics accelerate BMX bikes faster, faster? BMX race bikes are quick for the following reasons:

  • Smaller, more compact, and more aggressive geometry

BMX bikes often have a smaller, more dynamic geometry that is compact and lightweight than some other kinds of bikes. BMX race bikes are faster because they are more efficient the smaller they are, which helps to explain why they are smaller.

  • Reliable Handlebars

You may ride more comfortably and quickly with the help of compact and durable BMX handlebars, which provide a great vertical grasp. You are more likely to pedal furiously and dash with a BMX; the smoother and more comfortable the riding is.

  • Miniature Wheels

A BMX bike has smaller tires in addition to getting a more streamlined visual appearance. Smaller tires result in a bike that is lightweight altogether, enabling you to pedal faster and rapidly, as compared to larger tires that demand more management and pedaling.

How Can My BMX Bike Be Made Faster?

How Can My BMX Bike Be Made Faster

A few practices and adjustments are generally required to reach the top pace on a BMX bike. Among them are

  • Frequently lubricating the chain

A superior, well-lubricated chain is one element that will maintain your BMX operating without a problem. Therefore, frequent chain lubrication is essential if you intend to ride your bike at a maximum velocity of 30 to 35 miles per hour.

  • Inspect your tires’ pressure

The tire pressure on your BMX bike needs to be accurate for it to travel forward more rapidly. When the tire pressure is really down, the tire is definitely going to encounter resistance, which will slow down your bike. On the other extreme, it won’t be easy to manage the bike if the tires are overinflated. If you just want to ride a BMX bike at a maximum speed of 30 to 35 mph, aim for 80 to 90 psi.

  • Raising or lowering the seat.

Low seats are prominent on BMX bikes, which are intended for tricks and acrobatics. In consideration of this, one thing you need to do to equip your BMX bike for racing is to elevate the seat. If the seating is too low, it will be tough for you to adopt a correct seating position, which will make riding unpleasant. Moreover, if you wish to ride quickly, the saddle elevation should be modified to your height in addition to making you aerodynamic.

  • Clean your bicycle.

Cleaning your bike is an important element that you should always take into account if you really want to upkeep it and maintain it in brand-new form. In addition to looking attractive, a bike that has been well-maintained will also move more rapidly.

It is advisable to clear off any dirt and filth because they tend to make bikes slower. All things considered, it’s always a good idea to wash your bike after each trip. Additionally, keep in mind that all of the elements are in the correct alignment before washing your bike. If not, put them in the right position.

  • Verify the Gears

The majority of BMX bikes only have one gear (single-speed). The gear should always be maintained, though, as it can influence your speed. You can usually handle the BMX bike more effectively with properly fitted gear.

  • Adjust the Pedal Tension

Talking about How fast can a BMX bike go, you should also adjust the pedal tension to make it faster. You’ll probably move more slowly if your pedals are unfastened. In other words, you should adjust the pedals adequately if they need to be properly tuned. This will help you to maintain a strong pedaling grip and keep your shoes from slipping off the pedals.

Are Mountain Bikes Faster Than BMX Bikes?

Yes. With an average speed of 5 miles per hour when going downhill, BMX bikes are speedier than mountain dirt bikes. Both bikes, meanwhile, proceed to move quite rapidly.

Where you ride these bikes determines how quickly they are distinct from one another. In challenging terrain or uneven surfaces, the BMX bike would not perform any longer than a mountain. In a similar manner, a flat surface or dirt road is ideal for mountain biking.

Well, How fast can a BMX bike go? The BMX bike, however, has the potential to accelerate rapidly and outperform the mountain bike by 5 miles per hour when traveling down an incline. The speed of the bike is also influenced by the design of the bike.

The purpose of a mountain bike should be to provide riders with safety, but the objective of a BMX bike is to be versatile and allow riders to execute tricks.

This also determines the speed differential between both bikes. A number of its characteristics increase the weight of the mountain bike. These characteristics are absent from the BMX bike, allowing it to travel more quickly.

A BMX Bike Rider’s Options For Accelerating

It’s time to contemplate the rider now that you comprehend how to customize your BMX to make it move faster. To boost your speed, you can take a few key adjustments. It’s important to wear properly and know how to control a BMX for speed if you want to ride a bicycle swiftly. Moreover, it is indeed essential to prepare for your ride and then use your equipment appropriately.

  1. When riding a bike rapidly, perfect technique counts more than you might imagine. Make sure you are riding with the proper racing posture by lowering your elbows.
  2. Don’t dress in baggy, loose-fitting clothing. There is a logical reason why professional cyclists dress in skin-tight lycra and wear pointy, aerodynamic headgear. They make it feasible for the air to move faster and reduce your aerodynamic drag.
  3. To become an expert at the talents, practice your method. Even when it doesn’t, a slight wobble wastes a fraction of a second as you adjust direction. A small sway can cause a massive forced landing. It would be preferable to practice every day if you are enthusiastic about racing on your BMX bike.

BMX bikes are Built For Competition.

BMX bikes are Built For Competition

Performance and toughness are priorities while constructing BMX bikes. With frames made of a lightweight hardened steel alloy, they are amazingly powerful and intended for speed. They have excellent traction on the soil and are capable of turning around 360 degrees without fracturing.

Unlike ordinary bikes, BMX bikes are equipped to withstand a diversity of tough terrain, which is why their tires have plenty of grips and are knobby. Race bikes with steel frames and light designs are also accessible.

Talking about are BMX bikes fast, BMX bicycles come in two varieties. The first one is a racing bike, whereas the second is intended for lounging around the community. In short,

  1. BMX bikes are substantially smaller and geared for racing compared to other forms of bicycles.
  2. Frequently built from lightweight alloys with a simple frame structure.
  3. They offer a thrilling experience on uneven ground, yet they could be appropriate for traveling on flat surfaces.
  4. They are also relatively small, which makes them an excellent choice for children.
  5. They are ideal for traveling because they are compact and manageable.
  6. They are both very robust and convenient to transport.


Can You Travel Long Distances on a BMX Bike?

Longer rides are not recommended for BMX bikes; they are suited for short journeys. As a result of their smaller size and lower seat, they are unpleasant for prolonged journeys. Additionally, they only have a single speed and have poor brakes, making them unstable over long ranges.

What is the top speed of Olympic BMX bikes?

BMX motor racing is one of the most interesting activities to witness at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A gate at the top of an 8-meter tall, 35-degree start hill provides the launching pad for riders as they race over a 400-meter course.

While navigating banked corners and consecutive jumps, they can travel at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Do BMX bikes help with the speed?

The BMX is designed for fast speed changes, remarkable mobility, and endurance. In contrast, the MTB is designed for shock absorbance, ascending, and the capability to conquer a variety of rough terrain. The construction of each bicycle’s chassis is influenced by many different purposes for which it is built.

Are there gears on BMX bikes?

Yes, BMX bikes have gears. Originally, BMX bikes had a higher gearing relation of 44/16. However, the more current BMX bike designs have reduced gearing with a ratio in the range of 22/8, 23/8, 25/9, up to 36/13.

There are many different BMX bike models available, and each of them has quite a few differences in gear ratios and gear layouts.

Skating versus BMX: Which is safer?

Skateboarding and BMX both involve some degree of risk, but BMX has the potential to be significantly more hazardous than a skateboard when gaining air off a dirt bump or plunging into a half-pipe.

The difference between a bike and a skateboard is that a bike makes it much more difficult to bail out, and a bike additionally contains bigger and more dangerous parts that can harm you if you fall.


It’s indeed enjoyable to ride a BMX bike. You can feel delighted because of the way it blends speed, acrobatics, and jumps. Talking about How fast can a BMX bike go, novice cyclists, are susceptible to reaching speeds of 10 to 14 miles per hour while biking.

However, you can hear yourself properly if you want a ride that is fast and furious in style. You must also reach your ideal weight and reduce your resistance before you can challenge yourself to ride a BMX at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

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