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How Tight Should A BMX Chain Be? Detail Answer

A BMX motorbike is for individuals who go through life more rapidly than others. A BMX bike’s chain is quite important due to its fast movements and spectacular acrobatics. If you want to enjoy the quickness of jumps and tricks, your BMX chains should be of perfect tightness. But what degree of tightness is appropriate? How tight should a BMX chain be?

All the moveable parts of that BMX bike will deteriorate early over time if the bike chain is either too tight or loose, which will affect how effectively the components work. Understanding how stiff the chain on your BMX should be is thus pretty much essential.

How Tight Should A BMX Chain Be?

How Tight Should A BMX Chain Be

The chain tension on a BMX bike should always be mild. This implies that neither the chain’s tension nor its looseness should be excessive. In actuality, BMX chain stress should extend by half an inch. If you are curious, the main reason is to reduce the risk of injury.

The up-and-down mobility should be enhanced by at least half an inch. You won’t be able to turn if the chain becomes too tight, and if the chain is just too free, it will continue falling loose from the chainring.

When your BMX Chain Seems To be too Tight

When your BMX Chain Seems To be too Tight

The efficiency and smoothness with which the BMX bike operates may be impaired by a too-tight chain. A chain that is excessively tight might also affect other parts of your bike, such as the cassette or back derailleur. Always verify how taut a BMX chain ought to be before riding to minimize any potential issues. If the chain is overly tight, you can utilize a chain tensioner to relax it until it comes within the recommended range.

When BMX Chains are too loose

When BMX Chains are too loose

A BMX chain that is excessively slack might lead the user to lose control of their bike while riding and cause him to slip away. Examine how much slack is present when you push down on the chain’s bottom or pull it up on its top to determine whether the tension is acceptable. If it is excessively loose, tighten it with a chain tensioner until you achieve the optimum combination.

Necessary Equipment for BMX Chain Tightening

Necessary Equipment for BMX Chain Tightening

You will want a few items in order to properly modify how tight your BMX bike chain ought to be. A chain tensioner is the most critical piece of machinery you will need.

With the use of this equipment, you can rapidly and precisely change how stiff your BMX bike chain has to be without compromising the bike’s components. Additionally, a lubricant is necessary to keep your chain functioning efficiently, as well as an Allen key to hold the chain tensioner in position.

How to adjust the BMX chain

  1. To start, unscrew the nut as well as bolt on your bike’s back wheel. This will enable you to adjust how taut a BMX chain really should be.
  2. The chain tensioner then needs to be put on and adjusted using an Allen key. In order to determine how tight your chain is, pull up on it.
  3. Utilize the tensioner to modify it until you achieve the appropriate tension if it is excessively tight or too loose.
  4. Lastly, verify sure everything is spinning smoothly by retightening the nut and bolt on your back axle and riding your bike a few bike strokes in both directions.

How to Tighten a Chain on a BMX Bike

If you ride a BMX bike, you are well aware of the importance of managing your bike in peak operating conditions. The chain serves as one of the most important aspects of any BMX bike, and both safety and effectiveness need to understand how to tighten a BMX bike chain.

Your bike will function properly, quickly, and productively if the chain is appropriately tensioned. Slippage can be caused by a chain that is excessively loose, while other bike elements can be damaged by a chain that is excessively tight.

Here are some general rules to follow in order to ensure that you adjust the tension on your BMX chain correctly:

  1. The chain should have about a half-inch of give when the rear axle is elevated off the floor, and you press it down on the bottom of the bike chain. Make any necessary adjustments if it is excessively tight or loose.
  2. It would be best if you continued to have about half an inch of give in the chain when you pull it up on it while raising the rear wheel off the ground. Once more, make the appropriate modifications if it is excessively stiff or slack.
  3. Once you have got the chain tension where you want it, give it one further test drive by pushing the pedal a few instances for each side to help ensure all of that is spinning smoothly and without jamming.
  4. Put the chain just several drops of oil to help stabilize it in good shape after wanting to make sure everything is aligned perfectly.

By implementing these guidelines, you can help make sure that your BMX chain is adequately tensioned and that you will experience a pleasant and joyful ride. Always keep in mind that a BMX chain’s tightness should never be relied just on how it seems. Its effectiveness is what matters. You’ll be sure to have a fantastic time on the track or course if you keep your chain under check.

How to Handle a Really Tight Chain

While many people are complaining that their BMX bike chain is too loose, there are occasions when the chain might really be too tight. It’s simple to loosen the chain on your bike. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Grease the chain.

Chain lubrication should be performed immediately since a dry chain could be the reason for chain tightness. However, you need first wipe the mud and filth out of your bike’s chain. You can accomplish this by using water and a cloth.

To remove the grime from the chain, softly backpedal while keeping the wet cloth against the chain. The bike chain lubricant should then be put on the bike chain’s outer and inner surfaces. The extra lubrication should then be removed using a dry cloth.

  1. Unscrew brittle linkages (tight spots)

It is now time to inspect any stiff links in the chain if you have greased your chain but are nevertheless having trouble riding. A tight situation is what it is known as. It occurs when a particular link in the chain is extremely tight while the entire chain is slack.

A tight area is usually triggered by sprocket bolts that are loosened. By turning the cranks backward, you may do this. A connection that clicks and leaps should be the main thing you pay close attention to.

Once you’ve identified the stubborn link, you may use either your hands or a chain tool to free it. As soon as the link starts to loosen, keep in mind to spin the bike chain back and forth. Once finished, begin carefully reversing the vehicle’s direction to see whether the rear wheel is stiff or easily rolls. But if despite your great attempts, the chain is still skipping or includes a few stiff links, you may want to think about purchasing a new chain.

  1. Avoid snapping

A professional trick for tightening slack bike chains seems to be something we would like to share as well. They do, however, utilize a chain catcher. Your bike chain won’t snap when you have a chain catcher, especially when you fall from a high jump.

Why Does the Chain on Your BMX Bike Keep Slipping?

When it comes to short-distance cruising, road riding, and dirt jumping, BMX bikes are ideal. These bikes are particularly popular all over the world thanks to their compact frames, low seating, and adjustable components. Today, BMX bikes and related activities may be found all over the world.

However, BMX bikes come with their own series of problems, much the same as mountain and road bikes. When you get a brand-new product, it will operate effectively for a short time before requiring maintenance and repair.

A list of potential causes for your BMX bike chain to slide has been prepared for you. Take into account the following:

  • Slack chains

Chain slides commonly occur due to slack chains, and this is one of the main causes. Typically, the chain needs to be taut enough to enable minimum movement while pressing together. By trying to press the chain links together with your hands, you may spot loose chains, among many other factors.

  • Extended Chains

It is another way to have loose shackles, but really quite another to have extremely lengthy chains. Although each of these things might induce slipping, lengthy chains are riskier. There are more links in long chains. Thus they are longer.

  • Rusted chainrings

Some of the pieces of your BMX bike will begin to wear down as you proceed to dirt leap, roll, pull stunts, and learn new tricks on it. The most renowned ones are chainrings. When riding a bicycle, worn-out chainrings are quite liable to slip.


What happens if the chain on my BMX needs to be more balanced?

A BMX chain that is excessively slack can cause the user to lose control of their bike while riding and lead them to fall.

Analyze how much slack is present when you push down on the chain’s bottom or pull up on its peak to evaluate if the tension is acceptable. If it is excessively slack, utilize a chain tensioner to fix it until you have reached the appropriate level.

Can a BMX chain be stretched?

Furthermore, despite the fact that all bike chains ultimately sag, BMX bikes’ fixed gear configuration makes the entire process go more rapidly. By regularly using the chain, the rivets become wider, which creates slack between the crank’s jaws and the chain’s groove.

How can one determine whether a chain is stretched?

Measuring the chain wear with a ruler is another reasonable method for doing so. Align a rivet at the zero point by choosing one.

Your final rivet ought to be near the 12″ point on your ruler after you have added additional 24 rivets. Your chain is strained to the level that it has to be changed if it is off by even more than 1/16″.

Are tighter chains preferable?

A tight chain will result in more wear and more power outage in the drive train because it will cause the chain and sprockets to rub across each other more frequently.

There is a strong potential that the chain may snap if your suspension bottomed out over a bump and it was tightly knit. It would cause serious damage and leave your bike stuck.


In order to make sure that you maximize the enjoyment of your BMX adventure, it is essential to know how tight a BMX chain should be and how to tighten it effectively. It’s important to keep BMX chains at the proper range of tension.

It will be challenging to ride when it is too loose or too tight because it will swing in the chainring, and it will be difficult to rotate the crank or make turns. A vertical variation of 1/2 inch ought to be included in the chain to provide optimum tightness.

If you are unable to achieve this chain strain on your own, bring your BMX bike to the closest BMX bike manufacturing business or any other kind of bike Repair Company, and they’ll make the needed maintenance.

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