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How To Do A Wheelie On A BMX Bike? An Adventurous Ride

Are you a stunt freak but don’t know how to do a wheelie on a BMX bike? BMX bikes are considered one of the best for performing tricks and stunts due to their low center of gravity.

Short Answer

If performing a wheelie on BMX is challenging and different from a wheelie on the bikes, learn how to do a wheelie on BMX bikes. Because all you have to do is to learn some techniques to pull the front wheel off the ground, and it isn’t difficult at all. Just follow BMX tricks.

This article will provide you with every step and guidance to wheeling on a BMX bike, along with its safety measures, tricks and tips, and dangerous aspects.

How to Do a Wheelie On a BMX Bike?

To perform a wheelie on a BMX bike, get your bike into the second highest gear if possible, and lift the wheel and pedal quickly but keep control of it. The step-by-step guide on how to do a wheelie on a BMX bike will allow you to learn every step patiently to perform a successful wheelie.

Basic Information about Wheelie On BMX

Basic Information about Wheelie On BMX

The basic information of a wheelie on a BMX bike, get on a comfortable speed, slowly pedal hard and lift the handlebar to lift the front wheel. To maintain the balance, follow the steps with proper guidance. And bring back the wheel down with the correct information.

You will also learn the types of wheelies, which make you understand the process or ways of wheeling on BMX bikes.

Two main ways of wheelie

Another critical point is the following ways in which you can perform wheelie as follows;

  • Manual

It is the simple way of lifting the wheel, hit the pedal hard and pull the handlebars to lift the front wheelie.

  • Bunny hops

It is the other way of wheelie by jumping into the air and then pulling the handlebars to lift the bike’s front end into the air.

Things you need for wheelie on BMX Bike

Following is the equipment you require to initiate the riding and stunts;

  • Flat pedal of BMX bike
  • Protective gear like helmets, gloves, pads, etc.
  • Spacious grounds and places.

Wheelie On BMX Bike: Step-By-Step Guide

Wheelie On BMX Bike Step-By-Step Guide

Learn and follow each step to better understand how to do wheelie on a BMX bike;

Step 1: The Perfect Location

A place with no hurdles, completely flat 40 to 50 meters long, is perfect, with no traffic or public around it. You can practice on concrete, but if you think you won’t make it, then practice on grass first. Keep tight with the safety gears described above. It will protect you from severe accidents.

Step 2: Applying The Right Weight

Stand up behind the bike while putting your hands on the handlebars. Now lift the bike upwards and feel the weight of the bike. Practice and repeat it a few times and experience the bike’s feel by lifting the front wheel to get an accurate idea of handling the bike and controlling it later.

Step 3: Time to Wheelie

The vital part of doing the wheelie on a BMX bike is the movement of push and pop. It happens by forcefully down on the pedal and then at the same time lifting the handlebar off the ground.

To learn this technique, you must stand behind the bike with your hands on the handlebar and your right foot on the pedal. Force down on the pedal with your right foot and lift the handlebars simultaneously. Ensure the bike is not vibrating from the practicing side of the bike.

Step 4: A Bailout

It is essential to bail out all dangerous sports. It is the moment you realize something is going wrong with the trick and take evasive action not to hurt yourself. When it comes to wheelie, usually the body weight is behind the bike, so the risk of falling backward is high if anything goes wrong. Here comes the bailout, where you quickly seek to put your foot on the ground behind the BMX bike just before you hit the ground and get hurt.

Step 5: Manual on the BMX Bike

When all the steps are out and done, then give it a try to manually the bike. Start the bike, ride slowly, lean towards the handlebars, and lift your butt from the seat and time to perform push and pop movement so that the weight of your body, while leaning back, can raise the wheel from the ground.

When the wheel goes up to 40 to 45 degrees, quickly lock your arms and try to maintain the bending of your knees and butt off the seat. It is the manual procedure on BMW bikes, and the only difference between the wheelie and the manual is lifting the front wheel without pedaling hard.

Step 6: The Wheelie

The right way to wheelie is when you get settled with the manual and do the wheelie; the essential thing that matters in the wheelie is balancing the bike while performing the wheelie.

Start with rolling while you are sitting, the upper body towards the handlebars, and it’s time for the push and pop movement; keep up the bike’s front wheel to 40-45 degrees from the ground, and your elbow should be in the position of bent. Maintaining the balance while holding the front wheel in the air and keeping up the pedaling is how you can perform a wheelie.

Step 7: Balance Your BMX Bike

Keep your bike in a straight line, either performing manual or wheelie, and your legs shouldn’t vibrate while lifting the front wheel. To maintain the bike and the balance of the stunt, keep shifting the weight of your body backward and forward. Do whatever you can to maintain the balance but avoid sudden movements.

Tips and Tricks for BMX Wheelie

Tips and Tricks for BMX Wheelie

 It is more challenging than it sounds; the wheelie is a risky game, so it is illegal in some world regions. For a successful or less damaged wheelie following are the tips and tricks of the wheelie on a BMX bike.

Tips for the BMX Wheelie

  • Buy a BMX bike with a suitable wheelie bar.
  • Practice in a spacious area with no hurdles.
  • The methodology to commit the wheelie is to reach the lip of a slope or jump at a speed
  • As you incline the lip, lift the bars and pedal hard to keep the front wheel in the air.
  • Place your weight on the back of the bike, and please don’t release the wheelie bars!
  • Put pressure on the pedals so you can come down by bringing down the bike’s front wheel.

Tricks of BMX Wheelie

  • Initiate by pedaling hard to accelerate. You’ll need fast speed so the front wheel will lift off the ground by pulling the handlebars.
  • When you pedal hard, slowly pull up on the handlebars. Place your weight on the back wheel while lifting the front
  • Don’t stop pedaling; use your body weight to help balance the bike when you bring the lifted wheel down. Relax your arms and lean back.
  • Let go of the handlebars and straighten your body when you complete the stunt. The front wheel will touch back down on the ground, and you can ride regularly.

The Danger of Wheelie on BMX Bike

Wheelie is risky, along with a fun and thrilling experience. So following are the danger you need to pay attention to;

  • Be careful and stay alert. It is the only way you can stay on your bike.
  • Sometimes you lose your speed, and that’s when you can crash. To avoid crashing, accelerate your pace, and maintain it.
  •  Pay attention to where you are heading, or else you can hit something or somebody or may fall off the bike.
  • Most importantly, a wheelie is illegal in some areas, and you can get caught and pay the price, which is very high in some states and other countries. So it’s better not to go against the law and think twice before performing it.

Benefits of the Wheelie on BMX Bike

  • It is a great exercise; it shapes your body to bear the risk’s consequences and, foremost, avoid it.
  • You can burn calories and lose weight, and it will help to improvise the cardiovascular system.
  • It helps you maintain balance and coordination, a scarce skill, and it can quickly learn by wheelie.
  • Constant shifting of your weight gives you an insight into a sharp mind.

Safety Measures

Proper safety gear is essential; no matter what, you must have it without safety precautions. Whatever you are going to perform will make you look unwise. And I don’t think any rider would want that. So here are the safety gears to perform wheelie though some of them are already above, but here is a quick reminder:

  1. Keep your mind alert, and keep your focus while performing a wheelie.
  2. Most importantly, you need to know when you can perform a wheelie considering all the essential aspects of it.
  3. Your BMX bike should be in excellent and healthy condition. Check all the components, including the fuel tank, before riding or wheelie.
  4. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Your fellow partners should know when you are going to perform any stunt.
  5. Last, wear all the safety gear mentioned above. 


Are BMX Bikes Considered Good to Perform Wheelies?

A BMX bike is suitable for wheelie or other tricks because it has a compact frame and fat wheels, which help stabilize the bike and use the required pressure gracefully.

Why Is Learning Wheelie Important?

Because wheelies require proper biking skills, it lets you lift a bicycle, maintain the bike in the air, and steer various hurdles. When looking for stylish cycling, wheelies are the ultimate source of happiness.
Moreover, it gives you a professional look and lets you experience the thrill! You will always look confident, and people will look up to you if you master the skills of a perfect wheelie, whether on a regular bike or a mountain bike.

What Is the Best Size of a BMX Bike for Wheelies?

An adequately tailored bike will be more amusing, competent, and comfortable. Select the appropriate and correct bike size, depending on your height, riding style, and favorites. A bike size chart is also available to choose the right bike with the proper size.


Many people don’t follow instructions and yet show reckless behavior. To understand how to do a wheelie on a BMX bike, you also need to understand the safety protocols. Only then can you enjoy an

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