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Is Doing A Wheelie On A Motorcycle Illegal Exploring The Legality Of Wheeling

Are you worried about getting arrested during wheelie? If you are a rider of a motorcycle and a wheelie is your main stunt but being a good citizen, you are curious to know is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle is illegal. It would help if you learned the laws.

Short Answer

More than 1.2 million Google researchers are wondering; is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle illegal? A wheelie is illegal in a few states, and some make reckless driving illegal. So, either way, it is illegal to wheelie on a motorcycle.

However, there might be some relaxation in a few places, like parking lots or empty roads. In this article, you will explore the laws and dangers of wheelies and their associated concepts.

Is Doing Wheelie On a Motorcycle Illegal?

Because people are searching for the answer to doing a wheelie on a motorcycle is illegal, the practice of a wheelie on a motorcycle is increasing. Still, sorry to burst your bubble, but the wheelie on a motorcycle is illegal in all states.

You won’t get exact laws directly pointing to the illegality of wheelie, but it comes under the law of reckless driving in some states. So if you are riding a motorcycle and thinking of lifting the front wheel, beware, you may end up in jail.

Following, we will discuss the danger associated with a wheelie on the basis on which it is banned in different states.

Why is it Illegal to Wheelie a Motorcycle?

Why is it Illegal to Wheelie a Motorcycle

 Before discussing the reasons being the illegal declaration of the wheelie, have a look at how the wheelie occurs so that the intensity of its dangerousness becomes easier to understand and it will answer your question, is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle illegal?

The Phenomena of Wheelie

  • One can easily pull up the front wheel using the quick throttle, power supplied to the motorcycle, and the handlebar.

Reasons Why Wheelie Is Illegal and Dangerous

Wheelie stunt brings a lot of risk with them, and due to their dangerousness, it is illegal in all states. So have a look at the reasons for the dangerousness of wheelies, which are as follows;

  • Steering Component Removed

The danger can easily appear once the front wheel goes off from the ground when the rider removes the steering component by lifting the wheel, and it is also true that the motorcycle will automatically move forward, and the chance of imbalance increases.

  • Dreadful Point

There is a point during the wheelie where a rider leans the motorcycle too far into a turn and goes towards the upright position without being crashed; that’s where the No coming back point reaches, which is the dreadful point while wheelie.

  • Too Much Power

Too much power while performing wheelie when the rider leans back and with the help of throttle power generation occurs; there is another point where accidents happen severely due to the disbalancing of the motorcycle.

  • Mishandling

At the initial stage, before the wheelie, if the rider doesn’t properly handle the motorcycle and misbalancing occurs a lot of time while lifting the wheelie with handlebars where motorcycles go in a straight direction then once the wheel is up in the air, don’t have the control of the motorcycle.

  • Uneven Pressure

Simple accident of misbalancing phenomena occurs when too much power is exerted to pull the front wheels.

  • Poor Understanding of Weight and Positions

You need to be a skilled rider or wheelie to understand shifting the weight and motorcycle position to keep your motorcycle in a good direction.

  • Hindrance in Visibility

Once the front wheel is up, the rider’s visibility isn’t clear, and he won’t be able to see the front view, which may result in serious accidents due to the inability to see any obstacle. 

  • Poor landing

Wheelie is always a risk, for suppose you already lifted the front wheel of the motorcycle, but when it comes to landing, it can be direct, and if you aren’t lucky, you will easily get into a serious accident or crash. And even The Hard landing or imbalanced landing results in a horrible crash.

The Illegality of Wheelie On Motorcycle On Empty Roads

The Illegality of Wheelie On Motorcycle On Empty Roads

According to some states, lifting the wheel from the ground is an offense, and having people around is unnecessary. It is already considered a violation, so it doesn’t matter if you have empty or full roads; the wheelie itself is harmful, either it harms the people around or the property.

Tennessee law of wheelie on empty roads

A rider in Tennessee who is a wheelie can get arrested due to recklessness, whether you are wheeling on an empty road or a road surrounded by the public.

Pennsylvania law of wheelie on empty roads

It is a violation if a rider rides a motorcycle and performs stunts that cause hindrance in visibility. It can cause disturbance in the operation of a motorcycle, and it doesn’t require the presence of people around him; he can easily get charged due to the violation act.

The Illegality of Wheelie in Parking Areas

Rules and regulations implemented on public roads are also applicable in public parking lots. Traffic police can charge people in public parking lots; state law permits them to take action. Following laws will help you understand, is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle illegal?

Laws Against Wheelie in California

Rules that are implemented on highways also extend their enforcement in parking facilities. Generally, if you are doing a wheelie in a public parking lot or doing reckless driving, law enforcement is applicable, and traffic police will charge you. Still, if you are in a parking lot close to the general public, implementing a traffic law may not interfere with your property.

Take permission before performing a wheelie in someone’s parking lot or private property so they won’t call the police, and you can easily practice the wheelie with proper safety gear.

Rules and Regulation of Wheelie State by State Guide

If you are traveling outside your country or going on a trip to another state by motorcycle, it is always smart to check the rules and regulations of the country. Generally, all states enforce the same rules on the road, which apply to other vehicles, and also check out the rules for reckless driving.

Some states have very strict rules on wheeling, they will handcuff you for wheelie, but it doesn’t mean you can wheelie in other states because you will get ticketed for reckless driving. Now you know the dangerousness of wheelies, have a look at the laws of different countries regarding is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle illegal.

Some states have laws against wheelie in a way that if you are riding with only one wheel of the motorcycle in contact with the ground, which are as follow;

  • Tennessee
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maine

Law of New Hampshire and Pennsylvania Against Wheelie:

They have similar laws against operating a motorcycle in a way that interferes with its operation, disbalances, or interferes with the rider’s visibility on the road.

Laws in Other States Against Wheelies

The rest of the states don’t have laws directly pinpointing the wheelie, but as It said earlier that it comes under the law of reckless driving. So if you are performing a stunt, you will get caught under the law of reckless driving.

Have a look at the states of Australia;

  • Queensland

If you try a wheelie, your bike could be seized for 90 days, a most strict penalty in Australia. And if you do it again, then in the coming next five years then, your bike could be crushed. No third strike is allowed. Two warnings, and then you are OUT!

  • Victoria

The same rules apply in Victoria, the only difference is 48 hours to 30 days for the first offense, and three warnings and your motorcycle is crushed. They may also charge you $295. So yes, don’t wheelie in Australia.

  • New South Wales

Your bike number plate is confiscated on the spot, or they hold your motorcycle for three months for racing events or burnout. Hold your vehicle for three months for street racing and burnouts, but motorcycle owners can apply for an early release. Continuous acts can lead to the permanent loss of vehicles. Under the law of reckless driving, they may charge you a $623 fine or maybe $2200.

  • Western Australia

Wheelie is considered dangerous driving, so they hold your bike for 28 days at first and then for three months on a second attempt and fine up to $3000

  • Tasmania

 “Reckless or dangerous driving” they don’t care if the motorcycle belongs to you or not. If you’re a wheelie, they will arrest you and implement a fine of up to $600 with loss of license for two years, and you may be in jail for three months; and man, this is for the first attempt. 

Are There Any Specially Designed Areas for Wheelie?

Along with all the rules and regulations, it is a common belief in America that if you perform wheelie in special areas of motorcycle training, then it shouldn’t cause any problems. There are places where riders get training in riding bikes, motorcycles, dirt, and mountain bikes; these areas are spacious and open, so riders usually perform stunts there under full protection. Some say that it shouldn’t be a problem.

But always look for rules and regulations no matter where you are if you want to stay safe.

Follow The Rules

To stay within the limits of the rules and regulations of your state or country, you need to follow the rules and stay safe. Obey the following advice, which may help you to stay safe, which are as follows;

  • Most important and obvious is to obey the laws and avoid harmful and dangerous behavior while going on a trip on your motorcycle.
  • Secondly, don’t perform wheelie if you are in a place where you think you can get caught and won’t be able to do it correctly.
  • Contact a motorcycle attorney if you meet any serious motorcycle accident, no matter if you are performing wheelie or not.


Is Wheelie Legal in any Places?

According to the rules, there is no place for a wheelie in the rule book of the law, but some say that an appointed place for rider training is the only place where you can wheelie. But it’s better not to.

what Are the Health Effects Due to Wheelie?

A severe accident while performing a wheelie can cause serious brain injury, loss of body parts in some extreme cases, spinal injury, etc.


There is no doubt that a wheelie is a dangerous act; all the dangerous possibilities explained above, I am sure it is something very hard for stunt freaks or passionate riders to accept. As far as the question is, is doing a wheelie on a motorcycle illegal? So the clear-cut answer is NO; no risk is worth taking if it costs your lifetime damage. It is better to stay safe and obey the laws.

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